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KBMOD Podcast – Episode 62

Episode 62 starts out with the return of the normal cast (minus Alex). We start out with what we’ve been playing, and Scott talks about his complete addiction to League of Legends, which has him doing the cast on just three hours of sleep. The news starts off with some lively discussion about our October build guides and then moves on to the launch of AMD’s Trinity APUs and news that MSI was caught cheating the system with their high-performance Power Edition cards. Next, we move on to some gaming news, including the Steam Linux beta starting soon, the standalone version of DayZ coming out this year, and Notch publicly shunning Microsoft. The rant of the week returns with a focus on Black Ops 2, and as always, we end with your burning Twitter questions. Enjoy!


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8 Responses to KBMOD Podcast – Episode 62

  1. Rab says:

    Dan has great taste in movies

  2. YuuMei says:

    ^ Just to expand on this (a little); you’ll find that very few abilities actually scale in damage in Dota with your attributes, so there’s more of a base damage and then you rely on the effects that come with the ability (or item’s active ability) so it is entirely possible to be killed no matter how well you are doing, provided the enemy team has some coordination.

  3. Friendly Person says:

    I love what you guys do and watch all the videos all of you put up but please, stop making up facts about dota, it makes me gringe every time dota is brought in your podcasts and it just sounds like someone praising brink for its competitive balance.

    • PinkStahli says:

      Hai. Can you explain to me what you are referring to, what facts are they making up about Dota? Not familiar with the game. Also, please die, competitive Brink is SOOO GOOD, lots of events.

      • Friendly Person says:

        In this context ill use John’s comment about 1 _CHAMPION_ steamrolling the game if they get farmed/fed, and clearly implying that the game is not won by the better teamplay and that the game doesnt rely on teamplay but rather individual skill. While it affects the game when someone gets a very good start comparing to others it in no way dictates the outcome on even a decent level of play.

        • YuuMei says:

          +1, was gonna bring this up myself.
          I think you’ll find it’s the other way around John; in League one person being fed can dictate the entire match, in Dota it is exactly the opposite provided you’re not playing in-experienced players with absolutely zero clue.

  4. RepairTool says:

    Nice Timing guys



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