Published on December 18th, 2012 | by Brandon

KBMOD Podcast – Awards Show 2012

Welcome to the event you’ve all been waiting for, the 2012 KBMOD Gaming Awards Show Memorial All-Star Bash Benefit Concert Farm-Aid Ceremony! This week, we all get together to anoint the best (and some of the worst) PC games of 2012. After a quick recap of our 2011 results, we waste no time diving right into our categories (listed in order of presentation):

  • Best Story
  • Best Game to Watch on YouTube
  • Best Graphics
  • Worst Game
  • Best PC Exclusive
  • Best Free-to-play
  • Best Beta
  • Biggest Letdown
  • Best Sound/Music
  • Best E-sports Title
  • Best Game to Watch Live
  • Best Indie Game
  • Best Single-player/Co-op
  • Best Multiplayer
  • Game of the Year

Enjoy the show!

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5 Responses to KBMOD Podcast – Awards Show 2012

  1. Lenovolol says:

    not a bad cast except for the lack of alex….
    for an end of the year special can we have that 50 Shades of Gray reading by Apple fisher we were promised so long ago?? please??

  2. larsvan de vooren says:

    my most anticipated game of 2013 has to be: the Sims 3 PvP. no doubt about it.

  3. bent holshagenhemmingsen says:

    I’m calling it early… Lore is gonna win at least half of the titles next year, including Best Story, Best PC Exclusive, Best Indie Game, Game of the Year, and Worst Game.

  4. Gessi800 says:

    dishonored is awesome and i won it 2 times but far cry 3 is a better game :)



Brandon started his PC gaming days playing Doom II (IDDQD/IDKFA for life) and has been hooked on online gaming since the original Starsiege: Tribes. The way to his heart is through proper grammar, corn dogs, and cookie cake.

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