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Oort Online: What Cubeworld Could Have Been?

We all remember the hype for Cubeworld.  People couldn’t wait to get their hands on a fully fleshed out Minecraft RPG.  Some of us sat on the webpage refreshing for days as traffic and ddos attacks crippled the site.  Then the creator of Cubeworld went silent for months and the game didn’t get any updates and the hype subsided.

Now with Oort Online we will see what a full team with an insane engine can do with this concept. The folks over at wonderstruck studios have taken on the task of building out a multiplayer RPG in a voxel based universe. The art does have a very unique flavor and the scale of this game is impressive already.  If Cubeworld or Minecraft were your cup of tea, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on this one.

The game will be crowd-funded with a unique plan involving backers voting on what parts of the game will be built out next.  The tiers are not completely out of order from any Kickstarter you’d see, but $95 for access right now is quite steep for anyone.  $50 gets you Alpha access and the tiers go all the way up to $5000.  You can check them all out at

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One Response to Oort Online: What Cubeworld Could Have Been?

  1. Justin Bomo says:

    Oort looks really nice, not that I know how well it would run on my computer, and I like the real-time portal effects. Though, I’d sooner support TUG.
    Oort is original in what I can see as the multiple worlds and guilds feature, which sounds really good. TUG, keep in mind my opinion, has/will have a more interesting play style, adding in behavioral science and what not.



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