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Battlefield Hardline Rescue Mode Hands-On Preview

Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to play an early (and I can’t stress how early this was, think early alpha) build of the upcoming Battlefield Hardline, and more importantly, try out the new, competition focused “Rescue” game mode. Here is some background on the game mode:

  • It’s competitively focused
  • 5v5 team gameplay
  • Map size is reduced
  • One life per round
  • Best of 7 rounds
  • 10 seconds before each round to set up equipment and 30 seconds of intermission after 3 rounds
  • 2 hostages on the map, one team attempts to take ONE to a designated point, the other team defends
  • After 3 rounds, the teams switch sides, and the following 4 rounds are played (If all 4 are necessary)

I’ve played my fair share of Battlefield games, and I’ve been enjoying the recent popularity of CS:GO, which this mode seems to be trying to replicate. With all that said, the simple question is: is it any good?

From what I played, it has potential. I know that sounds like a cop out, but it really does. There were a lot of moments that got pretty tense, and definitely some hype was shared by all of us there, but it needs tweaking (as you’d expect in early alpha).

The map we played on was a train storage warehouse.  Attacking players had to infiltrate it from outside as both hostages were positioned inside. This made close range weapons the only really viable option, and SMG’s and Shotguns were the flavour of the night. While there is nothing inherently bad about that, it does limit creativity, as there is no real way or reason to use the grappling hooks or zip lines that are one of the main showcases of the Hardline trailers so far.  The hostage spawns are also static, which makes defending them very easy, especially with the use of some of the equipment like C4 or trip mines. If they were to make it so they could spawn in a few locations, it would drastically change the way that map is played and the loadouts would change accordingly.

There are few other minor gripes as well, such as the music being loud and annoying throughout, and it even amps up when it is just you left on your team, making it almost impossible to hear footsteps. Some of the ambient noise around the map really doesn’t help either. The helicopter flying over the map sounds cool and adds to the atmosphere of it all, but it’s distracting in a game mode that is meant to be competitive.  Another thing that never felt quite right is the fact there is so much stuff. Battlefield games have always had loads of options as far as gear and Hardline is no exception. Between the different classes and all the little extras, there is a lot of stuff here. Perhaps too much stuff. Having trip mines, C4, revive tools, tracking darts, health kits, ammo kits, riot shields, gas masks, zip lines, and grappling hooks makes it feel like it’s all spread a little thin.

In the end, all I can say is it has potential.  Rescue could add a really refined competitive mode to the Battlefield franchise that hasn’t been prevelant in a while. In this early stage though, Rescue needs refinement, and whether it happens before launch or after, or even at all, will be something we will just have to wait for.


Big thanks to EA Australia for the preview! Follow Matty on Twitter.

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