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PAX South Hands-On: Gigantic

Pax South was home to many games that had flown under my radar. One of the best surprises came from Motiga Studios in the form of Gigantic – a… rather peculiar game to describe.

Team Fortress 2 meets League of Legends, showered in the lush cell shaded style from Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker; Gigantic is an experience unto itself.

Gigantic guardians

Watching Guardians fight in Gigantic is like watching a Godzilla movie in person!

Two teams of five players pick from a list of role-specific characters to play as throughout the entirety of each match. These characters span from magic wielding wizards to machine gun toting robots, warrior bull monsters, nimble assassins and many, many more.

Each team possesses a guardian; a colossal creature that resides on the respective team’s side of the map. This guardian must be powered up and protected throughout the game.

Similar to the Conquest game mode from the Battlefield games, the aim of the game is to control a majority of points on the map. Once a point is held, a creature can be spawned in the form of mass AOE dealing Dragons or supportive Trees that heal teammates nearby.

By controlling these points and slaying enemies, your guardian is subsequently powered up. Once fully charged, it will begin to move in and attack the opposition’s guardian. After a certain amount of damage is done, the player can begin to attack and deal to damage, too. The first team to kill the opposition’s guardian wins.

Gigantic point

Here’s one of the capture points in the game. Gigantic sure is pretty, isn’t it?

With each game lasting roughly 15 minutes, it feels like a perfectly timed mini-MOBA match. Despite the short time, there’s plenty of strategy to be found that leads to an enjoyable competitive experience.

With plenty of verticality and lighting fast Team Fortress 2-esque movement, this hybrid of experiences opens the genre to a variety of different tastes.

During my time, I played with BlackLightAttack and our friend, Cailin; two people with very different tastes to my own. While I found myself enjoying the pace and FPS-derived objectives, Nick and Cailin found satisfaction in its MOBA elements and Team Fortress similarities.

Gigantic HK

The character I played all weekend at PAX: an adorable little murder-bot named HK-206

With $20 million in backing, this free-to-play experience is an ambitious step into a hugely popularised genre. I can say with total certainty that it is truly an experience worth having.

Keep your eyes open as it seems big things will be coming from Motiga Studios in the future!

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3 Responses to PAX South Hands-On: Gigantic

  1. Emmu says:

    8/8 would read again

  2. SlimKognito says:

    Sign up for the alpha over at http://www.gogigantic.com/

  3. Hexidecimal says:

    Biggest regret of South was not getting some time to play this. Always a chance of getting into Alpha though!



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