Published on March 9th, 2015 | by Dan

First Look: Isbarah

Isbarah is a 2d platformer/bullet-hell hybrid from developer Leikir Studios.  Think Boshy or Wings of Vi style here and you sort of get the picture.  Unlike most platformers, the preference is to use a keyboard and mouse, rather than a controller, to guide your character through a myriad of bullets and platforming obstacles.

I had a great time with the game.  It features comic book style art and a fantastic metal soundtrack to accompany the fast pace and rage-inducing death you’ll find in Isbarah.  Check out the video above for a look at the tutorial and the first couple bosses!

Check out Isbarah on Steam

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2 Responses to First Look: Isbarah

  1. Ryan Kapsar says:

    Looks really cool. Love the art style

    • Nipnops says:

      I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it at all, but I honestly wanted to keep playing. Had to stop for the video length.



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