Published on March 4th, 2015 | by Dan

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Goes Old School

Wolfenstein: The New Order came out of nowhere last year to make it on many GOTY lists.  Machine Games took a tired Wolfenstein franchise and completely revitalized it.

Now they want to go back to its roots with The Old Blood.  Taking place in 1946 in the iconic Castle Wolfenstein (you might have heard of it), it is a prequel to The New Order.  New weapons, new enemies and a new storyline await you in these horror-filled halls.  Machine Games is sticking true to not having any traditional DLC, as this is a standalone title.  So don’t worry, you won’t need Wolfenstein: TNO to play it (hint: you should  definitely play The New Order!)

The game will retail at around $20 and release on May 5th.  Affordable, fun and more content from one of the best games of last year?  Count us in.  Check out the trailer above for a look at the old castle and some creative uses of a pipe.

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    Looks sick, can’t wait for this one



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