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Good morning! Killing Floor 2 is…yep, still really good.

Good morning, folks.  Killing Floor 2 released on Early Access last night and what you should do right now is open Steam and go purchase it.  Do this quickly.

Listen to the sounds of my voice: And some other dudes, too.  Podcast 186 is out there for you.  Touch it.

16 Snakes: Metal Gear online will support 16 players on next-gen consoles and PC.  12 on PS3 and Xbox 360.  That is 4 less Snakes on last-gen, for those counting.  The Phantom Pain releases September 1.

Patching Potholes in Los Santos:  The first GTA V patch has arrived for PC, addressing many bugs.  Mainly it fixed an issue where the yacht would disappear. That is a concerning issue for yacht enthusiasts.

BAWW GAWD, SOMEONE STOP THE MATCH: WWE 2k15 is coming to PC very soon.  It is not a good game, but I’m somewhat interested because I love wrestling and because modders will get their hands on it.  Think of the possibilities!

Hackin’ the matrix, man: Rockstar Social Club wasn’t hacked.  That’s the good news.  Apparently something in relation was, so you might wanna change your passwords.

The creepiest mouse ever: Biofeedback is something I just don’t care about.  But someone does, somewhere.  This new mouse can feel your fat, sweaty nerd palm and send that information somewhere.  Ok, then.  When does it rise up and kill all life on earth?

Battlefield 4 is still really good:  Check out this fan-made action trailer for the game.  Pretty damn awesome.

Thor is a woman: And now, Iceman is gay.  What’s next? Talking raccoons?!?

E-sports aspirations: All Work All Play is a film that debuted at Tribeca recently showing the human side of E-sports.  The Verge asks if E-sports will ever go mainstream?  My answer is who cares.  They are pretty damn awesome right now.  That said, I definitely want to see this film.

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  1. BadBadRobot says:

    Really like these quick overview posts. Great way to get caught up!



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