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Is a Hotdog a Sandwich?

We occasionally get viewer questions on the podcast that really shake our fundamental beliefs. This was one of them. This got so deep, it went over two podcasts. We even delve into state law during this debate. You can check out the videos below and let us know what your conclusion is.

Our conclusion was…Illuminati?


4 Responses to Is a Hotdog a Sandwich?

  1. seanbutnotheard says:

    I think I have it figured out. A “hot dog” is not itself a sandwich, rather that is the name of the type of sausage (as per the wikipedia article, When placed on a bun, this sausage becomes part of a “hot dog sandwich,” which as the name implies, is a type of sandwich. However, for brevity, we refer to this sandwich as simply a “hot dog.” Therefore, a hot dog is BOTH A SANDWICH AND NOT A SANDWICH, AT THE SAME TIME.

    • Ryan Kapsar says:

      Physicists hate KBMOD because of this one simple trick…

      Discovering the God Ingredient

  2. Reece Bender says:

    its not black and white. a lot of americans consider burgers a sandwich, and theres where it starts to go grey.
    because everywhere else usually considers “a burger” to be the entire thing, buns+filling, we dont buy a beef burger on a bun with salad. yet americans will more often refer to the meat pattie as the burger and the whole thing as a sandwich.
    where as when 99% of people say “Sandwich” theyre refering to sliced bread with traditional sandwich fillings, i.e ham cheese tomato, maybe some lettuce and mayo.
    a burger pattie on a bun with a slice of cheese isnt a “grilled beef and cheese sandwich” its a cheeseburger.
    a hotdog isnt a “frankfurt/kransky with (insert condiments and fillings) sandwich” its a hotdog with -toppings-
    therefore a hotdog, like the burger, should be its own beast. all coming under the magic over banner of sandwich, because it technically is a filling between bread. but its not truly what people should call a sandwich.
    BUT, if americas are going to call a burger a sandwich they should also call a hotdog a sandwich, refer to both as a sandwich or neither

  3. K9 says:

    the real question is, Is a hotdog actually food to be consumed by humans?



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