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Published on August 30th, 2015 | by Jonathan Beck


The Dankest Memes of PAX Prime: Day 3

We’ve left the floor for day 3 of PAX Prime and I now require food and alcohol. Before that happens though, you should know about a couple of the things I took a look at today. One of them is going to consume many hours of my time upon release.

Enter the Gungeon – I was lucky enough to get some sit down time with one of the devs currently working on Enter the Gungeon and he led us through a couple attempts at crushing their PAX demo’s boss. We were ultimately unsuccessful but I’ve been thinking about how I could have improved my run ever since. The game is an enormous amount of fun and takes no time to pick up and understand, but has a ton of depth to explore. If you like rogue-likes, this one should be at the top of your list for anticipated games. I’ll have more info on this one soon.

Okhlos – Also at the Devolver Digital booth was Okhlos, a game about how well you can incite a riot in an ancient city. You spend your time collecting and directing your mob around cities set in locales like ancient Rome. The better you do, the angrier the gods get and eventually drop down to intervene. While the build we saw was early, it’s a unique concept for a game.

Those were the highlights for today. Tomorrow the plan is to check out Harebrained Scheme’s offerings and a little game called Chasm that I’m very excited to hear more about. I’ll have more info for you tomorrow night while I impatiently wait for my flight home.

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