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Published on January 5th, 2016 | by stafunoob


Community Night: January 8, 2016


It is a new year ladies and gentlemen, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break filled with relaxed times and loads of food. Now that the pleasantries are over, let’s get back to business. This Friday is another KBMOD community night and we will be playing Call of Duty 4! So get your games installed and fire up your dazzles because we’re recording ourselves a good ol’ fashioned montage this week.

Like usual, we’re going to meet on the KBMOD Discord server at 10PM EST. See you then!

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  • Any idea how to fix the pb issue? Considering they don’t support it anymore lol

    • most of the servers that are still populated dont even use punkbuster anymore

      • Sounds good! I cant wait to play haha, haven’t played COD4 in a long time.

  • Hexidecimal

    Had a lot of fun with this, can’t wait for next time!

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