Published on June 27th, 2017 | by Brandon

KBMOD Podcast – Episode 283

With KDZen missing in action and Scott out this week due to special circumstances, Brandon and Brad are joined by Tim to get you through the post-E3 lull. In the news, the modding community convinces Rockstar and Take-Two to ease up on single-player mods, the Steam summer sale brings some killer deals, and Modern Warfare Remastered finally gets a standalone version that may be too little, too late. In the quick hits, Diablo III’s Rise of the Necromancer pack releases this week for $14.99, IO Interactive goes independent and retains ownership of the Hitman franchise, Destiny 2 on PC will apparently differ from consoles in at least one significant way, and Microsoft is adding a built-in GPU monitor to Windows 10.

In the viewer questions, we pick a new country to live in and try to figure out the correct way to face in the shower.

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Brandon started his PC gaming days playing Doom II (IDDQD/IDKFA for life) and has been hooked on online gaming since the original Starsiege: Tribes. The way to his heart is through proper grammar, corn dogs, and cookie cake.

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