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Published on June 23rd, 2011 | by Dan


>Crysis 2 gets DX11 Treatment


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Crysis 2 wasn’t exactly Crysis in the way that it treated most systems. The original Crysis was basically high-end or bust, which was a mistake. Almost no one could run it and frankly, the game play wasn’t very good. The eye-candy was phenomenal.

Crysis 2 is an enjoyable play through from most accounts and looks great, but not as good as it could, nor was it as taxing as Crysis 1. Well, high end users, rejoice, because now a DX11 patch has been released so you can tax your system to the max just like the old days.
Crytek is calling it a “gift othe high-end community.” If you have the PC for it, (Frankie, I’m looking at you!) show us what it looks like on Youtube.
Crytek releases DX11 Patch

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