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Published on July 19th, 2011 | by Dan


>Happy Cloud is yet Another Digital Games Retailer

>Hot on the heels of Origin and Steam, Happy cloud offers yet another alternative. It is like ON-live in that you can stream the game, but with Happy Cloud you also get a local copy, for peace of mind and stability. When you buy a game from them you can play it instantly. In the background it downloads the game locally to have it forever.

I don’t know that we need yet another one of these services, but it certainly takes the problems of Steam and On-live and remedies them, at least a little. No more interrupted download and waiting 18 hours for a game, and no more inability to have a local copy and do anything with the game.
They launched with 10 games today, promising more. Once again, I’ll be sticking with Steam.
Happy Cloud launches
Happy Cloud Website

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2 Responses to >Happy Cloud is yet Another Digital Games Retailer

  1. Jason says:

    >I don't see Steam going anywhere with it's given 2-3 million online users at one time…I'll stay with them
    as well.

  2. chad1312 says:

    >This doesn't seem to require god-internet though, which beats out On-Live.



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