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Published on July 14th, 2011 | by Dan


>Modern Warfare 3 to Return to CoD4 style Multiplayer?

>Very interesting article and interview with Robert Bowling today on Kotaku. It is mainly on map design and the way engagements will play out in Modern Warfare 3. Twitter is already buzzing with opinions and analysis, and I’m sure about 37 breakdown videos will appear tonight. Hell, i might do one.

Bowling basically says they want to return to a more Call of Duty 4 based map design. If this is true, we are in for a very good game. Map design rules over everything in an fps, whether you think it does nor not. Even more than guns, how the map is constructed dictates the play. I’ve always felt, if a map is good for objective games, it’s a good map. Almost every Call of Duty 4 map was good for objective game play. There are lanes, hot spots that you know will be heavy with fire. You know where to go and that’s fine. It emphasizes being good with your gun and out-shooting the other guys. It simplifies the game, without dumbing it down to where skill doesn’t matter. Go play Crossfire, you know exactly where the enemy is on the map at all times, there are 3 main lanes, and you can find action rather quickly. Promod worked so well for a reason.
Now look at Modern Warfare 2. The maps were all over the place. You could go in every building and have a million lines of sight. You could avoid a gunfight for the most of the map if you knew where to go, because there were a million places to go. Karachi with it’s bajillion hallways, windows, construction sights, rooftops was a cluster, especially for a new player. I don’t know that I ever got totally lost on a Cod 4 map. I did all the time on MW2. I felt that MW2 basically was like whoever knows the spots to flank or the windows and corners to hide in was better off. With the perks and kill streaks in that game, which have been done to death, it didn’t help matters.
Bowling says that MW3 will return to the simpler style of Cod4 when it has to, but also retain the “verticality” on some maps of MW2. The apartments, windows and roofs became campers paradise. They want to create more gun fights and let the skill take over with the gun, rather than camping a corner in an apartment. If all this is true, I will certainly be more interested in getting Modern Warfare 3.

This isn’t the end all for this game, especially for the PC player. Apparently the battle is still raging internally about dedicated servers and mods. For us, the PC players, I’ve said if the game doesn’t have dedicated servers, I don’t know that I can justify getting it. AlterIW did a better job with Mw2 for PC than Infinity Ward. That’s very, very telling. However, this article today has pushed me to seriously consider it regardless of server situation.
A prettier, more fleshed out CoD4 with an emphasis on skill and less reliance on air support? Yes, please. Just don’t forget about us on PC.
Editor’s note: I left Black Ops out, although it has characteristics that are relevant, it is not part of the Modern Warfare series.

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7 Responses to >Modern Warfare 3 to Return to CoD4 style Multiplayer?

  1. Jason says:

    >As much as people rant over the negative aspects involved with and COD game, I've had so much fun with the series so far….Gonna get MW3 and im sure that what ever they put out, it's gonna be just fine……Most people believe that MW2 was the worst game ever, but I have to disagree….I had 45+ days logged in multi-player and enjoyed at least 40 of them…There were many qlitches that weren't taken care of and players that used the most "noob" classes but overall the experience with any COD game is and will be a good one.

  2. KnightRite says:

    >I'm a little more optimistic about this game after reading this and the Kotaku article. Bowling seems to be a fan of COD4 style gameplay (at least that's what he says on his twitter from time to time). I will still not be purchasing the game on release because as history has taught us, there is always that honeymoon phase with a new COD game (and other games as well). I still don't like the "verticality" of maps but we'll see how bad it is when it comes out.

  3. dominick says:

    >honestly if there are mods and dedicated servers i could care less if they throw in the most OP weapon ever, because I wont be seeing it. I dont understand how developers cant see that THE best way to increase the life cycle of a game is to allow for USER CREATED CONTENT. Predicting that your 100 person company is going to make a perfect game right off the bat is ignorant and snooty

  4. Mike says:

    >Personally, I will be buying the game just because it is a CoD game. I'm just that way. I won't be pre-ordering it like I will BF3, though. I feel like if they screw this one up it's going to be bad joojoo beans for the MW franchise.

  5. Nova6991 says:

    >Regardless of what Robert Bowling may say, I remain apprehensive about any CoD game from IW. CoD4 was likely the pinnacle of CoD games as of today, and may very well still be this time next year. Looking at a trend in the last three CoD games, I'd even come to say CoD4 might have been a fluke, a lucky pairing of good guns a great maps. Thinking IW or even 3arch will ever be able to replicate what CoD4 was is a little far fetched to me, although I am anxious to see what MW3 brings to the table. Even if MW3 is bad, I think the fan base is strong enough that the community and game popularity will be tenable for the next couple years, or until the next generation of consoles (even though PC will realistically stay the same).

    I also am a little melancholy over the lack of PC propaganda and news this game has gotten so far. Without Dedicated servers, the game on PC might as well be an obsolete console port. The weakening support developers are putting into PC is sad, put frankly inevitable. Real money is to be made on the Console market, not on the PC market. All in all I think everything a developer or community manager says should be taken with a grain of salt, because the lack of community support, not only on Console but especially on PC, makes me solicitous about any CoD game released that was made by IW. 3arch has proven they listen to the community, IW has proven they make better games. I wouldn't take anything said to be fact until the game is released

  6. brhicks says:

    >personally i would like to see mw3 become as big as cod4 did in competitive play. i would love to see some promod in mw3, i just hope the maps will be designed well enough for it. Great article, hope to see more

  7. eeVo_ says:

    >That's pretty much the bottom line for me. No dedicated servers = No purchase. I cant help but think the game will be over complicated, too many killstreaks, too many perks, too many guns. Increased variety makes the game so much harder to balance.



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