Published on November 16th, 2017 | by Suros_Six

Destiny 2 (PC) Review | Gameplay Goes A Long Way

Destiny 2 has finally graced PC players with its presence, and on no less.  I was a pretty big Destiny 1 fan, but due to it being on console I always had to talk myself into turning on my Xbox. I still ended up clocking in about 390 hours over the several expansions that released, and I was always sure that I would’ve put in more had it been on PC. It seems that I was correct as this sequel has been out for a little over three weeks and I’ve already committed 137 hours to it. The best part? I don’t regret it.

Despite my laundry list of complaints about Destiny 2, I still really enjoy playing it thanks to its core gameplay being rock solid. Bungie never fails to remind me that it knows how to make a shooter feel smooth to play, and rewarding to spend time in. If you’d like to hear the specifics, be sure to check out the video linked above.

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