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Published on July 16th, 2011 | by Dan


>Starcraft Universe Official Gameplay Trailer Released

>This mod has been a while in the making and still doesn’t have a playable demo. It was originally called World of Starcraft but Blizzard stepped in and made them change it, concerned it would be too close to their own products. I am not an avid Starcraft II player, but from the looks of this trailer this is a very polished (already) and cool looking mod. It is an MMO style mod with boss fights and dungeons:


3 Responses to >Starcraft Universe Official Gameplay Trailer Released

  1. Zackcy says:

    >Never played WOW or SC. My chance to play both now! At the same time! Egads :B

  2. maceron says:

    >It really is incredible what modders are capable of

  3. Sterling.Reaver says:

    >This really blows my mind. . .
    I see comments saying its just WoW reskinned, I really wish I could punch people over TCP/IP!



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