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Published on July 13th, 2011 | by Brandon


>Tribes: Ascend Playable at QuakeCon


Image courtesy www.hirezstudios.com

As if my excitement for QuakeCon could get any higher, Hi-Rez Studios announced today that QuakeCon attendees will be the first to get public hands-on time with the studio’s upcoming free-to-play title, Tribes: Ascend. Hi-Rez will also allow attendees the chance to win a limited number of keys to the closed beta.
If you haven’t already checked out the first Tribes: Ascend gameplay footage trailer we reported on a couple of weeks ago, I encourage you to do so immediately.
No matter how long a line I have to stand in, you can bet I’ll be playing this game at QuakeCon, and you, loyal KBMOD readers, will be the first to get my initial impressions of the game afterward.

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