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Published on July 5th, 2011 | by Dan


>Valve Whipping Out DOTA 2?


Edit: Apparently DOTA 2 was revealed. Although not as anything playable, like it could be at gamescom. Valve have not said what game they are showing off at Gamescom, but only that it’s strategy, meaning really one thing only, DOTA 2. Thanks to our astute readers.

Gamescom is coming up soon. It is a convention for all things video games, even more than E3. It is focused on games, not on peripherals or anything else. Gamescom also is more PC-centric.

Valve was a no-show at E3. Then they dropped free-to-play TF2 and hints of Source games to come. They also hinted at no Source 2 engine, which confused us.
Playable DOTA 2, with a full game reveal would be very enticing.
Article Here from Kotaku

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