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Published on August 30th, 2011 | by Dan


>Don’t settle for slow, bloated apps.

>Lifehacker has come out with an excellent little post to finding alternatives to some Windows apps. Often the most popular choice is definitely not the best choice when it comes to apps for Windows.

Some highlights for me:
They mention music apps. If you are still using Itunes, just stop. Yes, you might have an Ipod or Iphone, but only load itunes when necessary if you must have it at all. Itunes is a bloated, slow, awful program. I personally use Foobar2000, but Winamp and even Windows Media Player are better.
They also mention Adobe programs. In general Adobe programs are bloated and awful. If I didn’t have to have flash, I wouldn’t. Lifehacker does pose some alternatives. Adobe Reader is the worst though. If you need a PDF viewer, use Fox-it or another alternative.
Lastly, Anti-virus programs. If you have Norton or are paying for basically any AV program. Stop. Microsoft Security Essentials is free and really is that good. It works amazing with windows and never gets in your way.
Read the full article here.


7 Responses to >Don’t settle for slow, bloated apps.

  1. Behemoth says:

    >By the way, Norton is a piece of shit, but unfortunately this is my dad's computer currently.

  2. Behemoth says:

    >I might try out that music program, iTunes is indeed god awful and crashes almost every time I use it.

  3. Welshboy2142 says:

    >@DrDinero, Red Orchestra 2 didn't come out today, it was delayed 2 weeks. The beta is meant to come out today however

  4. Fargo says:

    >I've been using Foobar, SumatraPDF, and MSE for years, solid programs.

  5. DrDinero says:

    >how come no one on this blog has posted anything about red orchestra 2 that came out today its pc exclusive?

  6. Atanvay says:

    >I use chrome for a PDF viewer

  7. sean says:

    >The default PDF viewer on a lot of Linux OSes is Evince, of which there is a Windows version. It is fast, simple, and generally awesome.



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