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Published on August 19th, 2011 | by Dan


>From Dust’s DRM: Epic Fail

>Ubisoft, bros.

Seriously, you didn’t listen at all.
From Dust requires a persistent internet connection to play. Listening apparently isn’t Ubisoft’s strong point. On top of that, from everyone I know that has the game, it’s been a great game to play. It has many shortcomings, such as being a half-assed console port and having this DRM, but it still seems to be a great time. All that gets overshadowed by the bone-headed decisions made by Ubisoft.
You just have to log in through Ubisoft and never lose internet during the game. (Edit: The game apparently only requires a connection when you start the game, rather than a persistent connection. Still really stupid, and thanks for the confusion, Ubisoft!) This is a single player game. Get it right. Get it through your heads. It also is a small release, it’s 15 bucks and you can’t just let it go, just this once?
It is so poorly done that Steam is actually offering refunds for customers who are fed up with the DRM. When the online distribution platform you sell through is apologizing for you, you’ve pretty much failed. (Edit: Some people have reported getting a refund from Steam, but many others have apparently been denied. Ubisoft suggests that you contact their support for a refund.)
Ubisoft hasn’t listened to consumers ever after the Assassin’s Creed fiasco, as well as being hacked to death after that game required DRM. In fact, they said DRM is the best thing for the consumer.
Wait, what?
Not afraid to say, I’d rather pirate a Ubisoft PC game than buy one and give them any money. it sucks that a great game is stifled and messed up so badly by the company that made it.

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4 Responses to >From Dust’s DRM: Epic Fail

  1. Unk1921 says:

    >I 100% agree with this, but you also have to think that the majority or there game are bases on the consololol and they either don't have to time or just don't want to make a good port for the PC. Ubisoft hasn't had a good title since Assassin's Creed (the majority of which was bought on the console), and now they are pumping one of those out a year so they can make some good money! Just my thoughts though.

  2. Arfan says:

    >Okay some flaws here NipNops, as follows:

    1) Steam are not handing out refunds, they never do period.
    2) The DRM is there although it only requires an connection at log in

    But you're right in everything else, the funny thing is though that I bought it for my laptop for journeys, so connection is a no go, I installed of steam and yes it did suck so I just pirated a cracked version which got past the DRM even before STEAM released the game…

    Yup, ubisoft are retarded.

  3. vol1tion says:


    Thanks for the corrections. I've edited the post appropriately.

  4. NipNops says:

    >@arfan Thank you for the corrections. ALl major outlets were reporting the refund thing, as well as the DRM. Hands on experience trumps that. Once again we have the best readers here at KBMOD.



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