Published on August 19th, 2016 | by NikonPunch

Steep: Prepare to be Disappointed

Yesterday Ubisoft released a new gameplay trailer for Steep, a new IP that I’m hoping will kick-start the revival of the extreme sports games genre. Steep takes place in the Alps and Alaskan mountains in an immense open world setting.

The game is comprised of snowboarding, skiing, paragliding, and soaring wingsuit experiences (OK, Ubisoft, don’t get too carried away), though we all remember how much of an “experience” The Crew turned out to be. Hopefully this won’t end up being a mindless checkpoint to checkpoint game, and instead is what they are promising to deliver.

A true open world/mountain snowboarding game is what we’ve all wanted in the past but the technology to achieve it just wasn’t there. Based on the trailer it looks great, but like most Ubisoft trailers we are just counting down the days until the inevitable visual downgrade. You can check out the trailer above. I personally am going to keep an eye on this, but there’s no need to get excited just yet.

Please be good Please be good Please be good Please be good Please be good Please be good

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  1. seanbutnotheard says:

    I’m going to just go ahead and pretend that “Steep” is actually a game about making tea.



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