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Published on August 9th, 2011 | by Dan


>Know what we need?


Another digital distribution outlet!

So here we go. Gamefly is going to start offering digital game downloads for a subscription fee. You pay a monthly fee and play as much as you want. The new service will be called PC Unlimited Play.
This is obviously a different model than others, as it’s a rental, monthly sub system, ala Netflix. Implementation will be the key here. How much DRM will be involved? A lot I’d say, considering you don’t truly “own” the games. If this is done right though, and the DRM isn’t too restrictive and annoying, this will be great. I personally might even subscribe. Right now you will pay the fee for digital + physical games. They should take a queue from Netflix soon and offer 2 separate subscriptions.
The devil is still in the details, but on the surface this seems very good for the customer.


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