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Published on August 9th, 2011 | by Dan


>Know what we need?


Another digital distribution outlet!

So here we go. Gamefly is going to start offering digital game downloads for a subscription fee. You pay a monthly fee and play as much as you want. The new service will be called PC Unlimited Play.
This is obviously a different model than others, as it’s a rental, monthly sub system, ala Netflix. Implementation will be the key here. How much DRM will be involved? A lot I’d say, considering you don’t truly “own” the games. If this is done right though, and the DRM isn’t too restrictive and annoying, this will be great. I personally might even subscribe. Right now you will pay the fee for digital + physical games. They should take a queue from Netflix soon and offer 2 separate subscriptions.
The devil is still in the details, but on the surface this seems very good for the customer.


3 Responses to >Know what we need?

  1. Dex says:

    >In a world where "the next big thing" is coming next year, this is great. If I could play the latest shooter (CoD/BF/Unreal) and not spend 60 bucks a year on it, I'd love to give this a shot. I just wonder how DLC and the like will work with this model.

    Furthermore, I'm not sure this could ever work with game that require using the serial and making or adding to an account. It sounds neat, but I'm not sure it has an practical use.

  2. KnightRite says:

    >Problem with this model is that the subscription cost will increase as their subscribers increase. Netflix is a good example, they started out with 8 bucks and they've gotta increase now due to the ridiculous amounts of bandwidth they're using. Personally I like to own my games but we'll see how this turns out.

  3. Henrik says:

    >They have to find a way to make it impossible to get the actual game files, if you're able to find those then spreading games illegally will be allot easier.



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