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Published on August 29th, 2011 | by Dan


New Game Quantum Conundrum Developed by Portal Dev

Kim Swift worked on Portal, one of the best puzzlers ever, so she has the credentials for her own puzzle game. Now, Ms. Swift is part of a team over at Airtight Games and they have come up with another clever game for us to strain our brains on, Quantum Conundrum. Quantum Conundrum is a physics based puzzler with a hint of time manipulation thrown in, ala Braid. You are a boy, visiting his uncle who happens to be a mad scientist. He has made a glove that can switch dimensions. You can switch to different gravity and surfaces, manipulating the physics to solve puzzles.

The example puzzle Ars Technica gives in their write-up makes me very excited for the game. This isn’t just some portal clone. There is some quirky humor, but the demo was soundless and there is no Portal-like disembodied narrator. It feels more like Braid with a twist, in 3d.

The game is still deep in development, but definitely looks like it would be a bargain when it comes out. I can’t see it being a full 40+ dollar game. Keep your eye on this one in 2012.
Full write-up here.


2 Responses to New Game Quantum Conundrum Developed by Portal Dev

  1. Comrade Kitsovich says:

    >Oh, wow…

  2. Jugs says:

    >A game based on uncles puzzle basement?

    that sounds fucking awesome.



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