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Published on August 15th, 2011 | by Dan


>Planetside 2 Details Emerge


Planetside 2 is the still in development MMO FPS being developed by Sony Online Entertainment. There was a kind of demo and Q and A for SyndCon recently and many details have come out. If I can summarize my feelings after reading the article it would be: Wow.

First, if you don’t know what Planetside is, it is an FPS MMO. You are one of three warring factions looking to electronic resources and territory. You have specializations (sniper, infantry) but no defined class, just roll-outs.

With that basis I’ll try to take some interesting points and let you read the article in full after. There were so many interesting and exciting details that this has been hard to do, but here goes:
-There will be dynamic weather, which will effect visibility and vehicle movement. If it’s raining a lot and weapons are causing smoke, you’ll be able to see less or even move your vehicle undetected.
-Destructible environments. You will need to a rebuild a base if it is destroyed. This isn’t yet fully implemented, but they want it in at some point.
-At night, various bases will have spotlights and defenses to see enemies creeping in the dark.
-Certifications can be trained offline and online, so you can learn the game a bit. Online training will be the faster path to leveling certifications.
-If you die, you respawn at a point. They want to implement a Battlefield type spawn on squad leader system eventually.
-If you are a squad commander or leader, you can call on turrets to defend certain areas of a base. These turrets will be anti-aircraft and land based.
-Snipers will have to deal with bullet drop and wind shift.
-I didn’t play Planetside, but it sounds as though the combat will be much more skill-based due to the new engine. Apparently a lot of the physics just weren’t possible in the first iteration.
Overall, I am excited and if you read the whole article, you get the sense much care was taken to eliminate the problems with the first game. The developers seem genuinely excited for it, as does the writer. I can’t help but feel good about it, and I hope someone can give Blizzard a run in the MMO genre. Blizzard’s new project may be an MMO FPS as well, so they need to really make Planetside 2 right for it to work and stick once Project Titan (the project title, no other details are known) is released.


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  1. Dex says:

    >You need to get in some classic PlanetSide before the new one launches. It isn't nearly as epic as it once was, but once you take in the whole scope of the game you will probably be even more excited.



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