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Published on August 4th, 2011 | by Dan


>Quakecon Sale Starts now on Steam.

>Steam is having a sale, and we all know that means we’ll buy something. This time the sale is basically anything related to Quakecon. You can now pre-order Rage and Skyrim (not sure if you could before) and if you do you get the whole Quakecon pack, 31 games for $39.99.

Our two reporters in the field, John and Brandon are at Quakecon this weekend so if you are holding off on Rage or Skyrim, they can let you know what it’s like. The sale goes through August 10th, so you have some time.
To go along with this, we already showed you that TF2 has special items to go with these pre-orders. Happy shopping!
Side note: Apart from the Quake Sale, you can pre-order From Dust as well for 14.99

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