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Published on August 22nd, 2011 | by Dan


>Squad Deathmatch Expanded in BF3


Squad Deathmatch will now be 24 player, up from 16 in BC2. This means 6 squads, up from 4. It should be nice if they have custom maps for it.

There will be no vehicles as usual.
I personally wasn’t a huge fan of this game mode at all. Expanding isn’t doing much for me, but that’s my opinion. The Battlefield games were meant for the epic scale and teamwork in taking objectives. TDM isn’t really a game type I play much in anything, but especially in Battlefield titles. Sure you can work on sniping or just handling guns in this mode, but it’s not a Battlefield game type, at it’s heart.
Will you be playing this mode often? I think if I want TDM I’ll simply play a Call of Duty title.


4 Responses to >Squad Deathmatch Expanded in BF3

  1. Accronym says:

    >I warm up and play by my self in Squad Deathmatch on BFBC2. I think I'll prolly play it on BF3 as well for the same reason.

  2. VitalSyntax says:

    >Conquest if my favorite BF gametype, but it's nice to have TDM with no vehicles because sometimes I don't want to worry about an objective and instead I just feel like K/D whoring. Better to have people K/D whoring and ignoring the objective (because there isn't one) in TDM than in conquest.

  3. Dr P says:

    >Squad deathmatch(squads of 4 each) and TDM(teams of 16? each) are two different things in BF3. More action will now come to squad deathmatch now :)

  4. Paul says:

    >If I'm playing with some buds I'll hop in there to warm up, other wise I'll just play it to try and shove 40mm smoke grenades firmly up peoples assholes.



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