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Published on February 18th, 2013 | by Dan


The KBMOD Uplink: February 18, 2013 – Destiny, FPS is Dead on PC?, BF3 End Game, Remember Me

Time for that Uplink ladies and gents. The podcast dove deep into a couple topics on today’s Uplink, so go check out the replay. The links today range from announcements to speculation to Cyberpunk Paris to Kyle Orland being himself. Read up!

-We start with the massive announcement from Bungie/Activision: Destiny. The new MMOFPS will drop later this year for the old consoles, but now there is speculation the game will come to PC (as it should!). We get that Bungie doesn’t do PC as a rule, but Ben Kuchera fleshes out the reasons it should this time. I really see this game coming to PC in the future, much like GTA V. In addition to the articles above, the MMO space is traditionally a dominant market for the PC, and I don’t see why Destiny should be any different.

-To accompany the Destiny news, there were some crazy words being thrown out by people who just want some website traffic. Kyle Orland did his usual dance over at Ars Technica writing an article about how FPS is dead on the PC. He pulls all kinds of magic numbers out of thin air to prove his point, which RockPaperShotgun then shot down, as only they can. Definitely read both these articles before judging the state of PC FPS gaming.

-Battlefield 3 is nearing the end of its extremely long DLC cycle and End Game DLC pack details are now coming out. There will be large maps, a capture the flag map focus and dirt bikes. And ramps to jump them off of. Check out the video below for more:

-Lastly we have some footage of upcoming cyberpunk game Remember Me. Capcom is publishing the game and it appears to have a bit of that DmC stylish fighting packed into a cyberpunk 2084 Paris. I am excited for this game because you can blow an enemies mind. Literally. Check out the trailer below and this Verge interview with developers Dotnod Entertainment for more.

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3 Responses to The KBMOD Uplink: February 18, 2013 – Destiny, FPS is Dead on PC?, BF3 End Game, Remember Me

  1. SkyJW15 says:

    I think that calling Destiny an MMO/MMOFPS is a little misleading. It definitely appears to be incorporating some MMO-esque ideas into its formula, but everything I’ve read and watched (and I’ve read and watched quite a lot about this game since yesterday) makes me think that Bungie is aiming for something more akin to the PS3 game Journey.

    Instead of it being a game where you join some server and play with all of the people on that server like you do in a typical MMO, it seems like Destiny will try to make it so that you start up the game and randomly find characters that seamlessly enter your game world. You could potentially not find another player for an hour while another person could find one right after the tutorial is over. And from examples of encounters given by Bungie, you can then try to team up with these players (a minimum of 6 player co-op has been confirmed) or just part ways and they’ll just continue their adventures, never to be seen again. But, unlike Journey, you can still invite your own friends to play with you.

    While Bungie’s newly coined term “shared world shooter” sounds rather strange, I think that as long as you mentally connect that term with Journey’s seamless drop in, drop out co-op, you’ll get what they’re going after with it. I’d also imagine that one game world won’t be able to house a massive number of players, even on next gen console technology, so that might disqualify the “massive” part of MMO. I think that Adam Sessler is correct in saying that it’s more “minimal” than “massive”. Sessler also pointed out that Bungie seemed to be very careful to not use the term “MMO” during their presentation to the press.

    • SkyJW15 says:

      Also, Kotaku is reporting that Activision has stated that Destiny will NOT be coming out this year. Thought I’d give you a head up on that as you say that it’s dropping later this year.

      Also, keep on keeping on with the good work, guys. Really enjoying the work you guys are doing.

  2. Respect says:

    Oh nice , talk so bad about BF3 and then post an article with info from it. Nice



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