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Published on August 23rd, 2011 | by Dan


>Ubisoft Promises From Dust DRM Fix

>Oh, Ubisoft. You so crazy.

After the fiasco of not being told there would be always on DRM on From Dust, then finding yourself logging in every time to Ubisoft saying this was intended all along; it has been a roller coaster for this game. As we said previously, everyone I’ve heard from has really enjoyed it despite the DRM.
Now Ubisoft is saying they will have a patch out int he next couple weeks removing the DRM completely. You will log in once after the patch, get your saved game data synced onto your PC, and then it will be usable offline 100% of the time.
Sometimes companies do the right thing. In this case, we applaud you, Ubisoft. But only a golf clap. Nothing too crazy. Now just do the same with all your other PC titles. Do this, and maybe we’ll get a slow clap going.

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3 Responses to >Ubisoft Promises From Dust DRM Fix

  1. Arfan says:

    >Y'know your response actually reminds me about an episode of The Simpsons where Homer refused to believe a memo from work because it was in a font he didn't like.

    Does The Simpsons do it for ya?

  2. Elias says:

    >im sorry but i cant take your argument seriously if you are quoting family guy. thats just pathetic

  3. Arfan says:

    >i'd love to say that this is great news and that I'm happy that Ubisoft is listening to it's customers but, that'd be a lie. A big one.

    I remember the days back when a game was released flawlessly or it wasn't released at all. For some reason game developers seem to think that handing out patch updates whenever they make blinding mistakes seems to be acceptable, sadly for most people it is, but I can't help but notice this becoming a massive problem for the gaming industry as a whole.

    I don't get why botched releases are so common now, maybe it has something to do with the fact that the gaming community is yet to learn that they have a choice not to accept this bullshit being shoved down our throats. Seriously looking back to black ops, which was my most anticipated release, I am seriously doubting the integrity of the gaming community as a whole.

    Now the game came out flawed, I had it on PC, whilst my main gaming rig was still intact, and it was like having bitch Stewie( from that one episode of Family Guy where he goes retarded – "I didn't clean your car brian, but I threw a rock through it !") over around your house for dinner. He wouldn't listen to what you'd ask him but when he did he did it in the most disastrous manner.

    Now being naive as I am, I bought it for my ps3 expecting this ordeal to be a little more pleasant than the one I had encountered on my favoured platform. But no. Activision gave us bitch stewie for pc, and bitch brian for ps3. Now, even though the game was fixed, and they took their sweet time doing so, I still don't think we should let them, or any other dev off the hook.

    Even with the botched release and the shitty reviews( from everyone who didn't have their head stuck so far up Kotick's ass they couldn't see the light no more), Black ops still broke record sales. This leads me to believe that we as a community are fucking retarded-the gaming community that is.

    Now, I'm not willing to buy another Ubisoft game on release ever again. And I hope you won't be either then maybe we'll see some releases that have been tested before release *cough* blops *cough*.

    Seriously. Next time we get shit served to us on a plate, please guys, say no!



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