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Published on September 14th, 2011 | by Dan


Red Orchestra 2 Release Trailer


>Red Orchestra 2, the WW2 simulator came out yesterday. We will be having a write up of it soon from John, who has been playing it a good amount. It is 64 player with some extreme realism with the guns. If you like a very real experience with your FPS, this is it. There are a few different game types as well.

Check out the trailer here:




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  • A Soggy Sandal

    >Does it incorporate bullet drop as well? Hard to tell from this trailer, though the gun movements look pretty realistic and I do like the proper gun placement when leopard crawling!

  • DrDinero

    >it about time u guys released something on this game

  • Welshboy2142

    >@a soggy sandal, yes it does have bullet drop, you can also adjust your sights for longer range shots

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