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Published on September 2nd, 2011 | by Brandon


>What BF3 and MW3 can learn from each other


The release dates for Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 are fast approaching, and there has been a lot of rhetoric between Call of Duty fans and Battlefield fans about which title will be better. Lost in some of this debate is the fact that, even though their titles are competing for customers’ dollars, both Activision and EA could learn from each other to make both games better. Ben Kuchera from Ars Technica posted a great article today on this exact topic.
Kuchera discusses how BF3 could learn from MW3’s superior dedicated server model–you can host a MW3 server out of your basement, whereas BF3 only allows you to rent servers from a few approved companies. He also points out that BF3 should learn from MW3’s availability on Steam (which is something we’ve covered extensively) and stop alienating so many members of its community by forcing them into a service they don’t want.
On Activision’s side, they could definitely learn from BF3’s marketing team. While EA has released one stunning BF3 trailer after another and generated massive hype at every gaming convention they’ve attended, the MW3 trailers have felt somewhat rehashed and similar to what we’ve seen year after year from the Call of Duty series. Kuchera also says that MW3 could learn from BF3’s platform-agnostic stance. MW3 is clearly designed first and foremost for the Xbox 360, with the PS3 and PC versions seeming like afterthoughts.
The full article is definitely worth a read. Check it out here.

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4 Responses to >What BF3 and MW3 can learn from each other

  1. Dex says:

    >EA wants to maintain a proper experience with the servers. There are many regulations that they impose on the folks who they do allow to host the servers. This is GOOD for the game, not bad. This means there won't be uber budget servers, but it also means there won't be a ton of terrible servers clogging up the already terrible lookup feature for the game (BattleLOL).

  2. Peeble says:

    >The reason they only allow server hosting from a few companies is because they don't want to give us access to the server files. Remember they don't want us modding BF3.

  3. Comrade Kitsovich says:

    >But really the problems with BF3 come from EA, not DICE, i feel bad for them.

  4. JustLightning says:

    >A good article, especially in pointing out the fact that their reluctancy to employ their opponents basic design features only hurts the player. They'll end up going backwards at this rate.



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