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Published on October 24th, 2011 | by Dan


>Blizzcon SC2 Tournament Final is a Classic

>Starcraft II is one of the biggest Esports out there.  Blizzard took advantage and had some of the best players in the world at Blizzcon duking it out for $50k.  What transpired is one of the all-time classic Starcraft II matches.  I will never be any good at RTS games, so it’s all the more amazing to me.

Check out the video here:


5 Responses to >Blizzcon SC2 Tournament Final is a Classic

  1. PCVirtuosity says:

    >There's a lot of suspicion that this series was fixed by NesTea and MVP to demonstrate that snipe is overpowered. My opinion is that they likelky agreed to 50/50 split the top 2 prize money, and just play some crazy sick matches. It was great to watch though, especially for people that are new to the game. I personally didn't enjoy it when NesTea didn't try to break mid with his 112 banes. It just seemed like he was turtling when it wasn't necessary considering the stockpiled larvae. Oh wells, gg.

  2. Alister1707 says:

    >the best TvZ ive ever seen i fucking loved this game

  3. Bedward says:

    >Exactly what matiK said, the games were thrown to MVP. If you want to see some really good games, watch HuK vs Moon at Dreamhack Summer 2011

  4. Paul says:

    >So many mouse bungees

  5. matiK says:

    >This really isn't a classic if the best Zerg player in the world throws away games to his fellow teammate. The GSL Finals at BlizzCon was 100x better. If you want classic, see HuK or Idra at MLG Orlando, where they took out top tier korean players.



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