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Published on October 21st, 2011 | by Dan


>Blizzcon: SC2 Information

>Starcraft II, perhaps the biggest game in the world, has some new units and a new trailer for Heart of the Swarm.

Full details on the new units here, courtesy of PCGamer.


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3 Responses to >Blizzcon: SC2 Information

  1. Mikan says:

    >Trailers like these makes me wish I could play SC2… I get on, I can't play, I rage. Sickest game to watch though.

  2. PCVirtuosity says:

    >it'll be interesting to watch the metagame evolve with the new units. Right when overseers start to really show their potential they get removed… we'll probably start seeing a lot of people rushing pneumatic carapace if they're going infestor/viper or hydra/swarm host, or stick with mutas. Zerg scouting got fuckered and the trade off is…a neutered form of parasite.

  3. ProfScienceJ says:

    >In my mind, all im thinking is, thank god its blozzard making this game. At the very least you can be sure the unit will be balanced on the day of release. Very interested to see how these unit will be used in the game and I hope blizzard keeps up the trend of angling the game towards long macro matches as these are the best to play and watch.



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