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Published on October 3rd, 2011 | by Brandon


>EA banning Origin accounts for joining hacked BF3 servers?

>Well, it didn’t take long for modders to tear through the Battlefield 3 beta files, did it? Rock, Paper, Shotgun reports today that some clever minds have figured out a way to modify Operation Metro to support a maximum of 128 players, up from the standard 32 player limit.

In an official response to a forum topic on the subject, EA said, rather unsurprisingly, that “playing on those servers can cause your account to become compromised, stats to be altered or other issues to arise which may lead to having your account banned by EA. However, an alarming follow-up post was made a couple minutes later, saying “if your account gets banned it does mean any EA game you have on your account would also be unavailable” (emphasis mine). Both posts have since been deleted, but RPS has screenshot proof of their existence.
So let me get this straight: If I accidentally join a modded server, which still shows in Battlelog like any other server, I potentially stand to have my entire Origin account banned, barring me from playing any EA games I’ve rightfully purchased? How is an innocent player supposed to know these servers aren’t officially sanctioned by EA? And what about players who hit the Quick Match option and might be automatically placed in one of these servers?
Considering that Battlelog is entirely web-based, it seems that a temporary fix could be hard-coded in the server browser to automatically hide any servers with player limits above 32. Naturally, however, that would require EA and DICE to take some responsibility for this issue. Instead, it appears they are taking a guilty-until-proven-innocent approach that requires you to somehow determine whether a server has been modded before you join it.
Take note, EA: There is a reason many of us trust Steam to house our digital game collections, and you’re already exemplifying why we would be foolish to afford that same trust to Origin.

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14 Responses to >EA banning Origin accounts for joining hacked BF3 servers?

  1. Dex says:


    This isn't about modding, it's about altering the servers. You aren't allowed to do it, period. EA is only letting a handful of server rental services even have access to the server files. You don't get to run a dedicated server anywhere but where they will allow it. They also monitor these datacenters to make sure that you get the best experience while on EVERY SINGLE SERVER.

    I miss modding, I really do. I came up playing games like Half-Life, which produced a mod that is just as successful as the original (Counter-Strike) and Tribes, which had a large and thriving mod community. I've played games like Morrowind and Oblivion which had entire communities that made amazing mods that made both games way better. This just isn't the case anymore. Tools are limited and servers and files are kept pretty locked down. Whether we like it or not, we have to accept it, if we wanna play.

    Doing something that goes against the ToS or EULA is still "wrong". We may not agree with it, but that's just how it is.

  2. ChodeNation says:

    >I hate EA with a passion already so this doesn't change anything for me.

  3. derp says:

    >played like 6 h on that server, didnt get a ban nor did my stats change/delete

  4. ProfScienceJ says:

    >In my eyes it looks like some idiot with some odd position has shot their mouth off on the forums before the team meeting in the morning. A mistake? yes. A fatal error that makes me hate EA? not so much…. The post has ostensible authority behind it at most. Even then, the post was removed and I highley doubt that anyone has actually been banned or anyone (other then those who have clearly cheated) will be banned.

  5. Fargo says:

    >They're being incredibly stupid right now, modding makes up most of the audience for many of the Fallout/Elder Scrolls/etc. games, and the companies know it. This was a tiny modification to allow more people on a server, it's ludicrous that they'd even think of banning for something so small. I don't see why they're so against modding, it's like they think they know what the gaming community wants because they develop games.

  6. sirniblet says:

    >I guarantee they wont ban anyone (except maybe the people actually making the servers) this is just a scare tactic to try and keep people from joining

  7. John says:

    >Being vac banned means you cannot play the specific game, not your entire steam library.

  8. Behemoth says:

    >I hit quick match one time and joined a conquest Operation Metro map. Haven't had anything happen to me yet, so I hope I'm in the clear.

  9. vol1tion says:


    There's a rather large difference between getting VAC banned and having your entire account banned. To my knowledge, Valve has never made a threat similar to what is described in this article.

  10. Henrik says:

    >Stop sucking Valve's dick, they have too done this. They have hade numerous VAC bans give to people who weren't cheating or doing anything out of the TOS or the EULA.

    I know we all should hate EA for wanting to make more money but comparing it to something that has done pretty much the same thing is weird to me. Every single pessimistic gamer hated Steam at first and they will to hate Origin.

    I love KBMOD, but come on, let's be a positive source!

    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valve_Anti-Cheat

  11. Stolen Syn says:

    >@dominic, his raeg is understandable. Amazing how retarded ea is being these days.

  12. dominick says:

    >Do i smell another angry commentary brandon?

  13. Mike says:


  14. Aequitas says:

    >Seems like they are getting worse every time I read about them >.< I actually liked Dice. But they have been pulling some real dumb shit lately.



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