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Published on October 21st, 2011 | by Dan


>MW3 for the PC: The Features

>The final list of release details was posted last night by IW, and not everyone is happy.  Opinions among the KBMOD contributors are mixed (more to come on the podcast next week!).  In this post I hopefully won’t delve too much into my opinion.  I am going to buy the game for PC.  That’s all I’m saying without going into specifics.  If you follow me on twitter, you may already know where I stand.

First the minimum requirements, which are quite modest in my opinion:

OS: Windows® XP / Windows Vista® / Windows® 7
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom™ X38750 processor or better
Memory: 16 GB free hard drive space / 2GB RAM
Video Card: Shader 3.0 or better 256 MB NVIDIA®GeForce™ 8600GT / ATI® Radeon™ X1950 or better
Sound Card: DirectX® 9.0C or later

The Good:

-Dedicated servers
-Fully configurable options on dedicated servers
-Point Streaks rewarding playstyles
-A great single player (most likely)
-Many PC specific graphics options
-In game server browser (I know this shouldn’t even be a feature, but thanks to BF3, it is)
-LAN support
-Private game support
-RCON admin system
-Steam fully integrated (again, thanks BF3 for even making this a point)
-VAC security and a couple other layers of hacker spotting software
-18 Players max, but may increase (more of a personal preference, but I liked 9v9 in BLOPS)
-They have tested the game on multiple PC platforms

The Bad:

-No lean
-No maxfps command
-No mod tools on release
-No Ranked dedicated servers (this is the big one here)

The good numerically outweighs the bad.  As far as actual importance though, the bad outweighs the good.  For some of you these are deal breakers, for some they aren’t.  We also won’t know how good or bad IWNet is until it launches.  I would like to think they would improve it from MW2.

Lastly, I personally don’t have an issue with using IWNet, many others do.  The KBMOD staff is split on all this.  What we all agree on is that this feature was implemented in a shady way by IW.  They publicized the hell out of dedicated servers only to cut their usefulness off at the knees by making them unranked.  That’s bad business for a team of developers who made one of the worst PC titles of all time in MW2.  Learn from your mistakes.

Go nuts in the comments friends!

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44 Responses to >MW3 for the PC: The Features

  1. HYPEMonger says:

    >seriously tho, well said. who does iw think they are? then i remembered this interview with IW's "creative strategist" and if your looking for some corporate bs to rage at i suggest you listen carefully to his crafted responses, or of course you can just skip through like i did and see that not a whole lot is new here:

    "can't go into specifics on that because i'm an arrogant bastard who thinks a game needs special announces of features to keep things interesting"

  2. HYPEMonger says:

    >"-In game server browser (I know this shouldn't even be a feature, but thanks to BF3, it is)"

    i loled


  3. Aequitas says:

    >@FamedKarma You go Girl!

  4. FamedKarma says:

    >The call of duty forums aren't working properly, so here is my reply to this news.

    I am confused. First you say this.

    "We value the PC player and have gone to great lengths inproviding a more rich experience for our players. We keep our ear near the ground and try to deliver items most requested."

    You then go on to explain that there will be NO maxfps control for the user, NO mod tools on release (which is forgivable, but they do need to be released at some point) NO lean and NO ranked dedicated servers where we can make sure cheaters aren't in our games. After this, you give us a slightly revised, but in no way new game engine and graphics which a four year old computer can handle with no issues, and tell us this is a finished product.

    TO INFINITY WARD: Look at the biggest PC developers – ValVe and Blizzard. Let's look at Valve's games, because I don't play Blizzard games much, but I respect them (unlike you). When valve ships a game, they give full control of the game to the users – the user created game types gave Counterstrike: Source its legs, and that game is STILL one of the most played games day in, day out on Steam. User created maps on Portal 2 keep me coming back, and they never release their games for over 50 dollars. You think you can continue to compete by spoonfeeding PC gamers this garbage which lacks any type of freedom? No. This is why you have to rely on the yearly game cycle, because guess what? New Call of Duty games will NEVER have legs, because you do not understand the wants and needs of the very people you are providing for. If you release COD4 with a complete graphics update, new engine and a lot of different weapons, that would be perfect, because then the PC gaming community can turn a good game into a great game, and a great game into a game which is still being played four years later. Modern Warfare 3 wont even last until the next Treyarch title if you don't fix your issues.

  5. yoeddyj says:

    >Although I am pretty pissed about lean and maxfps the whole ranked/un-ranked discussion needs to be clarified further. Still pre-ordering, don't give a fuck.

  6. yoeddyj says:

    >Hold the phone fuckers. Quote inbound.

    "Choosing to play on a Dedicated Server is UnRanked. Meaning unlocks are completely controlled by the Server Admin. They can choose to unlock everything or limit class restrictions to whatever they like to fully customize the experience."

    Source –

  7. iGotUrNose says:

    >just what the fuck, cancelling my preorder now, hope the copy of cod4 i got on steam doesnt deactivate once i do :(

  8. TyeWebb says:

    >@Yakasaur and @vol1tion
    You are both right I think to some degree, the dedis being non-ranked is likely because of Elite. But like vol1tion mentioned IWnet will be full of hacks and modded lobbies so the stats will still be completely fucked. Check out this article, in hindsight it was a pretty big hint that dedis would be nonranked.

  9. dominick says:

    >mod tools probably wont ever get released. IW says mod tools "requires further discussion". This means they havent even started developing them. Even if they started developing mod tools today, they would be out after the game is dead.

  10. ChodeNation says:

    >It's not unusual for a game to not have mod tools on launch, calm down, it's not like there will be no mod tools at all. Also, just because there aren't ranked dedicated servers, does NOT mean there aren't dedicated servers at all. Should be pretty darn obvious but some people don't seem to get it.

  11. dominick says:

    >after thinking about this in the shower, i've come to wonder, what if by saying p2p is the only ranked way to play, unranked dedis will let you have all unlocks? That would actually be worth playing then. You can have everything there is in dedi servers, but in p2p you do the rank progression. I think i'd be fine with that.

    However, if they make it so you can only use the guns you unlock, epic fail. Epic, epic, epic fail. Son I am disappoint.

  12. Fargo says:

    >@Steven Sorry my opinions were wrong- I'll consult you next time.

    I wasn't aware lean was in Black Ops.

  13. Innkvart says:

    >I love dicks!

  14. Steven says:

    >@Fargo there was lean in black ops. mod tools wont come out within the first month, it would actually surprise me if they came out. how does no ranked dedi's make sense for fairness perspective? host advantage = fair? also its way easier to hack with this p2p bs. are u trolling?

  15. Fargo says:

    >Ready? Here it is.

    There was no lean in MW2 (or Black Ops).
    No maxfps is ridiculous.
    If modtools come out within the first month, I'm fine.
    No ranked dedi's does make sense from a fairness perspective, but it's a bit ridiculous to expect people on pc to play with matchmaking.

    Am I going to love the shit out of it anyway? Hell yes.

  16. DkMaravilla says:

    >@senones it means if you want to level your character or unlock guns and perks, you have to do it through p2p matchmaking instead of dedi servers. Its Infinity Ward's little way of saying fuck you pc players.

  17. Senones says:

    >-No Ranked dedicated servers…

    …I don't fully comprehend this point.
    Could someone explain, in laymans terms, the implications of this decision?

  18. Western Predator Hunter says:

    >I think battlelog is terrible but at least you will be able to choose your server and your ping and be able to unlock items. P2p leads to the same shit you saw in MW2 with cheating. VAC and all that shit rarely works and when it does its three months after the person hacks that they get banned. Once again Infinity Ward has given the finger to PC players. I'm not too mad though, they just saved me $60.

  19. dominick says:

    >what's the point of dedicated servers at all now? No mod tools means all dedicated servers will run the stock game except for rule changes, and with all the shit there is to unlock it'll be next year before we unlock everything to be able to move over for good. This sucks major ass and i will not be getting the game. There is no logical reason for supporting a developer that does this to its "fans"

  20. NipNops says:

    >@Steven that is my opinion of BF3, I definitely think the unranked dedicateds sucks, but at least I can browse for them how I want.

  21. TrippingBowser says:

    >I have to say that I am very disappointed by the non ranked dedicated servers and the lack of proper mod tools. Its nice that there will be dedicated servers and it seems you can make simple changes but I expected more. The non ranked private servers is going to kill the player amount for the first couple weeks while people play ranked to unlock everything. The lack of open mod tools is the worst though I was hoping for a new game where people can make whatever crazy gametypes they can imagine. I know that a company like IW doesn't want map making because their worried about mappack sales but it really helps a game from becoming stale. I still going to get it but not really excited about the game.

  22. Steven says:

    >Nipnops, its so naive bashing bf3 like that just because of battlelog, i agree it sucks but at least the game experience is gonna be great. you still see through all this bullshit infinity ward throws at us?

  23. Evan says:

    >If it's in the Mw2 engine, they can probably program it into promod. That said, no lean will blow dicks. In a bad way.

  24. NipNops says:

    >@ApotheosisNemesis BF3 is going to be horrendous. I uninstalled origin and battlelog after beta, not even purchasing. I'll buy it when its $20 or so.

  25. Unknown says:

    >"No maxfps"

    Guess they don't give a shit about the PC competitive scene. Then again, if promod can't be made, there won't be any anyways.

  26. CrustyKestrel says:

    >Do not want.

  27. Ralph Andrew says:

    >I'm wondering if we can modify the FOV, I played CoD4 – Black Ops on consololol and I'm used to p2p.

  28. Housamyassin says:

    >There is no way to stop us from getting to lvl 70 fast. If we really wanted to the p2p host could have modded it to give like 100000xp per kill. Not hard at all.

  29. Janzzze says:

    >obviusly p2p sucks but hope they fixed iwnet from MW2 becuase that shit was useless. also the lack of modtools, maxfps and lean is pretty big issues

  30. Ross Geddes says:

    >Did no one notice "PC Specific Graphics Options" Meaning alot of these will be disabled on Console?

  31. ApotheosisNemesis says:

    >What steven said. Sorry Dan, but P2P on PC is fucking ridicolous for shooters, there's people cheating everywhere and the pings are just terrible, please wake up. Might aswell play console.
    Also COD is still the same cookie-cutter bullshit like every year and ON TOP OF THAT it's almost the same fucking engine MW2 had, so I don't see any reason to waste 60 bucks on it when I can get BF3 for 45.
    I don't know how the good outweighs the bad if the good is all basic stuff every PC-game should fucking have.

    Also you forgot to mention that the PC-Version will not have the possibility to pay for ELITE-Premium and ELITE is not going to be there day-1.

    Sorry for rather angry post, but I'm kind of angry about this.

  32. Mikan says:

    >BUT FOR THE LOVE OF FUCKING GOD… SHOULD WE BE PUNISHED WITH P2P SYSTEM BECAUSE IW WANTS A LEGIT RANKING SYSTEM FOR THE IMPORTANCE OF PRESTIGES!? … Yeah all caps rage… fucking knew I wasn't gonna buy this abomination ever since MW2 released.

  33. vol1tion says:


    It's actually the exact opposite. The amount of hacking in MW2 was incredible, unlike anything I've seen in another game. Because there was no ability to kick/ban hackers from P2P servers, hackers were obvious and blatant (since they knew no one could do anything about it). I have no reason to believe it won't be the exact same experience in MW3 ranked servers.

  34. Unknown says:

    >Mod Tools or it doesn't matter.

  35. ChodeNation says:

    >Modded rank up and get every item in the game lobbies were aids on MW2, but I actually wouldn't mind them in this game. The sooner I can rank up and get on the dedicated servers the better.

  36. Steven says:

    >Nipplenops you obviously didnt play on IWnet. for me it's like playing on american dedi servers, living in holland. lobby times suck. unwanted modded lobbies. not excited. no mod tools. they fíng said mw3 would have the same pc features as black ops.

  37. ChodeNation says:

    >Will probably have to suck it up and get to level whatever-it-is before I play on dedicated servers.

  38. Yakasaur says:

    >I believe it could do with COD Elite. Where they are giving prizes away want to have stat tracking and they want it to be fair ie no hacks and maybe IW think that the p2p system for ranking up will be the best way to get stats without hacks… then again I could be a total f*cking dumbarse

  39. Jugs says:

    >Im not that big enough of a pc cod bro to care about lean but the lack of ranked dedis is quite the boner kill…

    something tells me this game is going to be a fucking nightmare on release…

  40. RoryGreen says:

    >The majority of the 'good' section should be under one category, Dedicated Servers. The list should read:

    -Dedicated Servers with fully configurable options.
    -LAN Support

    -No lean
    -No maxfps
    -No mod tools
    -No ranked dedicated servers

    Bad outweighs good IMO.

  41. Wporter99 says:

    >will alteriwnet release anything for MW3?

  42. NipNops says:

    >I don't want to steal the podcast's thunder too for next week, but I'm okay with everything.

  43. DeRp Jim says:

    >going nuts1`!¬!!

  44. GrantGariepy says:

    >No lean. Seriously?



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