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Published on June 26th, 2012 | by Dan


Black Ops II: Can Treyarch Revive Call of Duty for PC Gamers?

PC players have been getting the rough end of the stick from Call of Duty for years now. Since the legendary title that is Call of Duty 4, the PC has been a second-class citizen when it comes to Call of Duty titles, especially from Infinity Ward. IW has given us half-ass, half baked ports of Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3, with the latter leaving PC CoD fans wondering just what they did to deserve this punishment (if they weren’t too busy vomiting from the tunnel-vision 65-degree field of view). Some of us, myself included, wondered if the next Call of Duty titles should even bother having a PC version.

However, the one beacon of hope for PC players is Treyarch, the development studio that’s given us World at War and Black Ops. Despite some significant performance issues with Black Ops early on, Treyarch included or eventually added just about all the PC gaming bells and whistles–adjustable FOV, lean, a development console, and mod tools all made appearances. Thus, it’s no coincidence that most of the KBMOD staff played the hell out of this game.

Treyarch is now in a position to stop playing second fiddle to Infinity Ward after the lackluster effort that was Modern Warfare 3, and early indications show the studio capitalizing where MW3 failed. Black Ops 2 is going off the beaten path with a futuristic setting, a departure from the present-day warfare in the last few CoD games. It’s also being rumored that Treyarch is going out on a limb by ditching the old class setup system for a point-based system, where players have 10 points to build a loadout and must “buy” weapons, grenades, and perks within that restriction (we can only hope the noobtube attachment will cost all 10 points by itself). Most importantly, though, Treyarch also appears to be giving us, the PC gamers, all the things we should expect from a PC title.

For the first time since Call of Duty 4, Black Ops II has a separate development team for the PC version (although for all we know, this could mean two people in a shed out back). Treyarch’s Director of Technology, Cesar Stastny (@pcdev), has been tweeting his heart out as of late, already confirming ranked dedicated servers, as well as FOV adjustment and lean. He’s also announced that players should expect a “significant performance improvement” in Black Ops II compared to its predecessor.

All that being said, Call of Duty is still a tired franchise on an aging engine, and Black Ops II isn’t going to change that. Structurally, it will still be the same Call of Duty you either love or despise. If you gave up hope after Modern Warfare 3 (and who could blame you at this point), Black Ops II probably won’t magically rekindle your love for the franchise. But with Treyarch doing and saying the right things so far, they’re certainly keeping things interesting. And that’s a hell of a lot more than we can say for Infinity Ward.

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25 Responses to Black Ops II: Can Treyarch Revive Call of Duty for PC Gamers?

  1. DamnedNiggar says:

    this video can tell you everything you need to know

  2. Innkvart says:

    There is no way I am preordering or buying Lagops2 without rock solid knowledge of it beeing a product worth spending my money on. As an Ati/Intel user back when Lagops was launched i never got to experience the game without constant low fps and horrid freezing, and out of disgust of what was in my opinion; The worst pc game launch in history (beating dead island, anything).

    Not only is there countless superior free to play shooters out, but we also have CS:Go which i am guaranteed that both me and my friends will enjoy. And even without options i will not even concider buying the product until I have either tested a working “yarr” copy, or gotten ZERO bad feedback on it. I’m fucking tiered of seeing this much time and money beeing spent towards the pathetic console hardware, and as a pc gamer beeing left with something you have to be mentally impaired to enjoy even if it was working perfectly (goes for Blackops and Mw3).

    The marketing or news coming out before the release are all bullshit, and should not be included in your article, nor any article concerning this game, if you had learned anything from Modern Warfare 3. If everyone just holds on to their money until the game is confirmed to be good, we’d might take a small step towards getting some half decent pc games this decade.

  3. Desng7 says:

    i also feel like the 3 5 7 would balance the killstreak
    maybe UAV Nalpam and Attack helicopter

  4. Cnorhoob says:

    if it feels like cod 4 ill probably buy it just because I’ve always loved the feel of cod, wait and see I say

  5. jackkspro says:

    Nothing they say will make me purchase this game on or near release date. remember “MW3 will be more gun on gun skill based”….right on.

  6. Shnitz says:

    Will they redeem themselves to pc gamers? I have trouble believing they can redeem themselves even with console gamers, and I’m honestly sad cod is still a topic for PC gamers. Why care about this game, when they’re so much better titles on PC? Some of them are even free! Unless everyone’s still playing this game for a good 4 months after, I’d be damned to give these companies who have screwed us over many times another $60. Go play something that’s better, and doesn’t cause unwanted stress. Sweet fucking photoshop though lol

  7. Applelololol says:

    idk about you, but i always like the rougher end of the stick ;)

  8. shrlk says:

    Haven’t been very happy with Call of Duty as of late, but I sadly jumped upon the “OMG MW3” bandwagon at the end of me being a console player. The game screwed me. I hope they can fix it, and if they do it would be a miracle.

  9. Desng7 says:

    i feel like a good idea would be to combine the studios infinity ward and treyarch and devot infinity to console and treyarch pc

  10. SmileyPinecone says:

    The 2 year release cycle allows the studios to improve on their last release, not the most recent one. So that means MW3 was based on MW2, not BO, and BO on WaW, not MW2. If Treyarch can improve on BO, and make BO2 a polished PC title, I might have to throw my money at the screen.

  11. Desng7 says:

    ^^^ Agreed but cod will always be the chubby girlfreind

  12. UnsungPower says:

    Why would I pay £45 for a game that has been shite for the last 3 years when I could pick up countless multiplayer games that are free to play. Quite frankly no game being developed for the pc should have to reassure us of those basic things, and if they did they should do it in a way similar to what Borderlands 2 did with the love letter. The only games I plan on buying in the future are either co-op, mmo or story based. Multiplayer games aren’t really worth the cost any more(with maybe the exception of valve games) unless they’re on sale because there are so many F2P ones to play.

  13. Agree with Desng7.

    Although, this is what we all thought with MW3. We all thought it was going to be awesome (at least once they announced dedicated servers).

    • Vini3r says:

      I’m afraid I must disagree with both you and Desng7. CoD was all (initially, at least) all about the PC, as was Infinity Ward, even going so far as to create a PC exclusive expansion pack for the original Call of Duty (United Offensive). Both the original Call of Duty and CoD 2 came out on PC first, consoles later. However, when a second company was brought in to handle the infamous Call of Duty 3, that company didn’t care about PC. They sparked the long chain of events to follow by creating a console-exclusive Call of Duty. Call of Duty 4 followed this bombshell of a game, with full PC support from Infinity Ward, and following this, the extremely piss-poor excuse for a port known as Call of Duty: World at War. However, even when shipping what was essentially a broken game to the PC community, World at War still managed to sell a ridiculous amount of copies. And after this pathetic excuse for a PC title, all we’ve had from the Call of Duty series is pure shite.
      TL;DR Treyarch are bad, turned Infinity Ward bad, Treyarch + PC = No.

      • Dan Dan says:

        Black Ops was a great PC title, not sure why you just completely omitted it from your argument. Infinity Ward fired the only guys who gave a shit after MW2, Treyarch couldn’t have ‘turned them bad’. CoD4 was an abberation, an all-time great, and obviously this isn’t the second coming.

        The biggest problems here: 1 year life span, aging engine, antiquated feel. Until they get a new engine or stop churning out OR get a third studio involved, it won’t ever be that great again.

        • RossGeddes says:

          This, Black Ops was very good on PC, once you ransacked the config and turned most things off to get it to run reasonably for your hardware.

          • Splozy says:

            It was still a broken game in regards to netcode.

            Then there is the perks and weapons, DOHOHOHO oh boy, you can scream balance as loud as you like but it’s still the pinnacle of babbies first FPS.

  14. Desng7 says:

    If anyone could repair the cod series it would have to be treyarch

  15. RossGeddes says:

    Just because it has basic features that are bog standard to the PC doesn’t mean the game will be any good.

    • jfkisjack says:

      good point + I like your avatar

      • RossGeddes says:

        <3 Jack Bauer.

      • jfkisjack says:

        (I know I’m replying to myself)
        COD does this every year it’s like politicians running for president they make allot of promises that they can’t keep they get elected and we’re disappointed. Same with COD they say tons of thing like no last stand then we buy the game and play it and make videos on what shit game it is while still playing it. Just do what I did never going to buy a COD game again after Black Ops I tried no to own MW3 but a friend bought if for me anyways. COD will never be like COD4 again until earthier they get new management at Activision or somehow Activision decides that making a good game is more important then just shitting out a bad one for tons of money.



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