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Published on November 15th, 2011 | by Dan


Call of Duty: Elite may never be on PC

UPDATE: Activision has since told VG24/7 that the Elite service will come to PC… at some point. “We misspoke. The goal has always been to provide a PC offering for Elite. The timing for that free offering is still being determined, so stay tuned for news on that.” Our original post remains below.


Modern Warfare 3 had a successful PC launch, fraught with little to no technical drama. The features it rolled out with, however, were not spared the wrath of the PC gaming community.

We don’t have full graphics options.  We don’t have FOV commands.  We don’t have a console.  We don’t have uncapped FPS.  We don’t have separate volume sliders.  We don’t have a ranked dedicated server system.  The list goes on.  And now, you can possibly add Call of Duty: Elite to that list.  It was delayed due to technical problems (even the console launch of Elite was marred with issues), and it still isn’t working correctly.

There was a tweet today from the official Call of Duty Elite Twitter account, saying, “We are working towards a universal Elite experience but we cannot guarantee if or when a version will be available for the PC.”

‘Cool story, bro’ might be appropriate here, as the PC community would settle for an FOV command.  We don’t really need your Battlelog competitor/social network platform. However, this is yet another failure for the PC from Activision.  They will even lose some money from it, as we can’t subscribe to Elite if it doesn’t exist.

And so it goes for the Call of Duty franchise on the PC.  Another day, another feature possibly lost.  If this isn’t your last Call of Duty title for PC (barring a dramatic change or shift in development for the next one), then you are even more of a fanboy than I am, and that’s saying a lot.

Thanks to Eurogamer for the heads up.

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10 Responses to Call of Duty: Elite may never be on PC

  1. Aequitas says:

    Everyone stop jerking off for a second. Cuz this is fucking BREAKING news that is going to change your lives. [Update] Activision spokesperson tells Game Informer the Twitter post this morning was a mistake and that the PC version is still coming.

    “Point of clarification, as we misspoke. The goal has always been to provide a PC offering for Elite. The timing for that free offering is still being determined, so stay tuned for news on that.”

    As you were.

  2. matik23 says:


    OH WAIT. Nobody plays this game so who cares?

  3. brycebemis says:

    This is what makes me mad no one is learning anything from each other on how to release
    a game for pc. What this is like the 4th release that has had many problems for the pc or just little things that they can do in a day looks like they don’t care for the community anymore they just want that MONEY!. And CONSOLOLOLOLOLOL!

  4. Eddeh Jeh says:

    They can give us ranked dedis then since we can’t have their shitty stat tracking service. Fuck you IW.
    Unless we get a game developed as well as COD4 was and i see it before release, then no more call of duty for me.

  5. Mikan says:

    Such a warm cozy feeling inside me when i FUCKING KNEW that MW3 would be a waste of a purchase. Yeah I said stop on Black Ops.

  6. Wheelzz says:

    Good. How many PC gamers would actually buy it? I would much rather get FOV and console then elite any day. What I never get is what possessed IW to go from the huge success that was COD4 on PC to just making a shitty port starting with MW2? Answer that one……………

  7. iDrinks says:

    Didn’t they decide to go with unranked dedis because of this Elite bullshit? And now we don’t even get it? Can I get a refund you lying cocksuckers?

  8. bRadddd says:

    Good thing there’s still enough 14 year olds to hold the franchise up and guarantee more COD games, right guys? Right?

  9. DamnedNiggar says:

    and nothing of value was lost



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