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Published on November 10th, 2011 | by Dan


Skyrim Reviews Coming In

Skyrim isn’t out here for another 13 hours, but the reviews have started to come in.  So far it has been a very positive showing for the game.

PCGamer, as always, provides the best PC review I could find.  The review gets a 94/100 and though there are negatives, they are vastly outweighed by, well, the vastness of Skyrim.  Keep in mind PCGamer has a review copy which doesn’t have the patch which will be applied to your copy tonight.  This means a bunch of the negatives and bugs could be gone when you get the game.  Chief among those negatives is the controls.  The mouse cursor isn’t going where you put it and the menus are buggy, as if they were made for a controller.  Reassigning keys also was buggy and unreliable.  This should be fixed by the patch.

On the positive side, the world truly does feel open.  You can go anywhere and do anything.  The main quest is there, but you definitely don’t have to follow it.  Skills progress organically as you use them, conforming to your playstyle.  This particular reviewer was someone who preferred stealth and after a while he was nearly undetectable.  Whether you want to be an assassin or a headstrong marauder, it seems you will be able to do that.

I am actually holding off on Skyrim due to just the sheer amount of games on my plate at the moment, but I am definitely getting the game.

What about you?  Are you excited? Is this your first journey into the Elder Scrolls world?  Have you quit your job to get lost in Skyrim?

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8 Responses to Skyrim Reviews Coming In

  1. Aequitas says:

    Wish I had money left to buy Skyrim. What with the Battlefield 3 Rig I put together, then buying Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, Rage and Batman: Arkham City, I am broke.

  2. Zelos45 says:

    Am I excited? Let’s just say Skyrim has been my most anticipated game of the last 5 years. I love Oblivion to death. Played it the most out of… well, everything. I AM EXCITE.

  3. farez KnightRite says:

    I wish I had the time for this game. I’ll definitely pick it up during the winter sale. On a side note, the website looks amazing. So glad you guys picked the white text.

  4. matik23 says:

    Can’t wait to kill everyone with OP items and then sleep with all the Lord’s wives and not writing them back,

  5. ASoggySandal says:

    Ahhh I’m so excited! I have the physical copy right now in my hands, but steam wont let me install it until midnight :'( it’s torture!

  6. Paranoxia says:

    Oh my god, this is my most anticipated game of all time. I’ve played Oblivion a bit, found it kind of lackluster although it was very fun. I didn’t really like the story of it and it didn’t seem like there was enough stuff that wasn’t the story to do.

    From what I’ve heard of Skyrim, this problem has been remedied. Going to do a bit of the story so I get dragons, then it’s all about playing how I feel like playing. Which means no fast travelling. I don’t care if it takes me 20 minutes to get to my objective, I want to explore and get sidetracked and have fun.

  7. ItsRyan94 says:

    I’m really excited for it, this is my first Elder Scrolls game and I think I’ll take tomorrow off of college. Cisco can wait, marrying dudes is more important.

  8. TheGingerBomb says:

    Do I really need to offer my opinion here? >.>



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