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Published on November 11th, 2011 | by Dan


Steam Database Hacked, Info Compromised

In case you haven’t logged in or out of Steam in the last 12 hours or so, this is to inform you of this.  We know most of our readers use Steam and have a lot invested in it monetarily and socially.

So far Valve doesn’t know the full extent of what happened, but some credit card information as well as passwords may have been compromised.  PCGamer has a rundown.

We here at KBMOD would urge you to change your Steam password ASAP if you haven’t and watch whatever credit/debit card you have linked with Steam for suspicious activity.  It sucks when this happens (as we saw with PSN this year) and hopefully Valve remedies the situation.

–The KBMOD Crew

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9 Responses to Steam Database Hacked, Info Compromised

  1. Wheelzz says:

    If I dont save credit card info is it safe to buy games off Steam? I am going to buy Skyrim and Saints Row: The Third next week and I really like buying games on Steam. Any Idea?

    • Brandon vol1tion says:

      Yes, it’s still safe to buy games on Steam. However, this may be a good time to enable Steam Guard if you haven’t already.

      • Wheelzz says:

        Under my steam settings it shows protected by steam guard. So im good? Just making sure because I have to borrow my moms card to get stuff on steam so I need to be safe. I dont save the info anyway!

        • Brandon vol1tion says:

          Yes, if you have Steam Guard enabled, you should be completely fine. Just in case, though, it’s probably a good idea to change your Steam password.

  2. rebeubeu says:

    As far as been on the news only the Steam Forum got hacked, Steam accounts are on a separate database. So only if you use the same password would you be in trouble.
    But hey, just in case, change your password and check your credit card balance.
    Paypal should be ok unles as noted above you use the same password…

  3. DamnedNiggar says:

    i dont feel like changing it, i shall rely on steamguard

  4. Ofenlicht says:

    Is this only for the US or also the European datas?

  5. ApotheosisNemesis says:

    Only if you use the same password for your paypal too which, if it’s the case, is a really bad idea.

  6. Aequitas says:

    I use Paypal for all my Transactions. Does that mean my Paypal Account may be compromised? Nonetheless I have changed the password of my account.



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