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Published on December 1st, 2011 | by Alex


Free Brink Weekend


Image courtesy of GamingUnion

Everybody wants to play Brink. Many want to play Brink competitively. So many in fact Splash Damage has added Clan and Tournament support. The added features will allow you to keep track of your Brink clan’s stats and challenge other Brink clans on the global Brink clan ladder for Brink bragging-rights. Brink is a great game. Brink, Brink. Brink. Brrrrrrrrrrink.

The game is going free to play for this weekend on Steam and will be 75% off during that time. If you spend money, you’ll own Brink. And can play Brink. Competitively too. Brink.

The End!

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  • Dark Zero

    Brink is win. Too bad so few people play it. Only 8 players were online yesterday. I was really sadface.

  • RoryGreen

    Bahahahahahahaha! Brink? Competitive gaming? Why are those two things in the same sentence? Possibly the shittiest game I have ever played.

  • Brink is having a free weekend?…Still don’t want to play it.

    • RoryGreen

      lol :P

  • matik23

    lol @ competitive Brink. Just stop it.

  • It’s not a bad game. The last free weekend they had I put 5-6 hours in. I’ll probably do the same this time round maybe more as I don’t have to wait 5 millions hours for it to download this time round. If I had a spare £4 to spare I’d throw it in the direction of Splash Damage.

  • TehFishOfDoom

    If the maps weren’t so choke heavy, the game would’ve had more legs. I liked the division of labor between the classes and how they worked together, as well as the different objectives for the classes. It was just poor map design. And a really really buggy launch for online.

  • Oh yeah been waiting for that. Finally can log on Brink ESL.
    Best competetive game ever made.
    And congratz to John for paying full price.
    Mejelly about that.

  • DamnedNiggar

    people play this?

  • leWERD

    What a great fucking game. I can’t wait to play it.

  • Jake

    I really don’t get why everyone hates on brink? I liked it.

  • I can’t believe nobody has made a cheesy “I’m on the Brink of…” joke yet.

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