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Published on December 12th, 2011 | by Bob


Hitachi gives new meaning to “Big in Japan”

Image courtesy Hitachi

Looking for something to store MASSIVE amounts of data on? Hitachi has officially won the race to 4TB in a single 3.5in drive.  It had been spotted as available friday from online vendors in Japan for the equivalent of $345 US, prior to the official announcement from Hitachi.  It’s only a matter of time before the Hitachi Deskstar 5k4000 reaches other markets at a likely MSRP of $399 per Guru3d

Due to flooding in Thailand, hard drive prices have been greatly inflated and even 1TB drives have been consistently over $100. The near-$400 price tag does not entirely surprise me – 4TB in a single 3.5in form factor saves a significant amount of space and power, and generates less heat.

The flip-side is that this particular drive is not very quick – equipped with Hitachi’s CoolSpin technology, the 5k4000 has a 5900 RPM spindle speed, 32MB of Cache and a SATA 6gbps interface. I’ve not been able to source a benchmark, but it’s certainly not going to compete with the likes of the Western Digital Caviar Black.  If you’re looking to store a TON of movies, music, and especially game play recordings, this might be one to add to your build.

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5 Responses to Hitachi gives new meaning to “Big in Japan”

  1. Bob bpost says:

    haha! About 8 years ago I had a quad RAID array of the infamous (then) IBM Deskstars, lovingly called the Deathstars. I had to RMA all 4 of them, twice each at different. Good thing I was in Raid 0+1.

    That being said, production quality of that moniker greatly increased once Hitachi purchased that division of IBM. My final RMA for the last two drives were actually replaced by Hitachi variants, which I’m certain would still work to this day if I still had an application for an IDE drive. They were only 60GB each.

    • Mikan says:

      what raid is 0+1? I learned about RAID today in school, I know RAID 1 is like 1 hdd reflects the other one so if one gets lost all the storage goes to the other one and the storage is saved, but what is RAID 0 and what is RAID 0+1?

      • Bob bpost says:

        Raid 0+1 is a mirrored set of striped disks. It’s a nested raid type, often referred to as hybrid RAID.

        Striping will write alternating chunks to (and read alternating chunks from) its member disks. This will result in faster read and write speeds. Mirroring to the other disks provides a redundant copy, and can also increase read speeds.

  2. Fargoh says:

    New deathstar? Neat.

  3. Dark Zero says:

    I’ve always seen 5900 RPM drives all over… they often claim to be even faster and more efficient than 7200 RPM drives. I wonder what the truth really is? That being said, I wonder what the reason for 1TB drives in my country being ~$150 USD and up is? No Thailand flooding here…



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