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Published on December 9th, 2011 | by Dan


Sniper Elite: V2 Packing Realistic Death Animations

Sniper Elite: V2 is an upcoming World War II sniping game for the PC.  It is going to have one hardcore engine driving the death animations.  You have never seen anything like this when killing someone in an FPS.  Indie studio Rebellion are saying they already have 125 ultra-realistic death animations ready, with the potential for 500 more.  PCGamer recently got to see it in person:

You see, Sniper Elite Version 2’s first-person World War II sniping is gilded with a fully dynamic skeletal slow-motion animation system. Aim for an enemy soldier’s neck and their vertebrae will shatter. Shoot at the crown of the head and it’ll smash like an egg. Go for the heart and blood will fill their thoracic cavity. And, inevitably, you can shoot their balls off.

Yes, you read that right.  The engine driving this gives each target a full skeletal and internal structure, so deaths happen correctly, as they would in real life.  Right down to the testicles.  This quote from Steve Hart, producer of the game summarizes how it works:

“From you firing that shot we calculate where you’ve hit them, what speed they were travelling at if they were moving, where you’ve hit them,” says Hart. “It’s a dynamic system that shows every bone breaking, every crunch. It deforms the bullet on impact, it tumbles and changes trajectory. So it can bounce off the skull and fly in a different direction.”

This is definitely sounds like an intriguing system.  There will be multi-player too, so you can shoot your buddies in the nuts.  I can see tactical nut-shot only servers now.  No current release date is yet known, except it will be out this year.

–PCGamer: Sniper Elite V2’s testicular animation detailed

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4 Responses to Sniper Elite: V2 Packing Realistic Death Animations

  1. Obsidian570 says:

    Below average game play, above average death animations. Probably a below average game…

  2. RoryGreen says:

    Considering that it is made by Rebellion, who have never made a decent game (seriously, all of them suck), I can guarantee that this will be shit.

  3. Supo says:

    So there’s sniping, but will there be any nascars?

  4. RossGeddes says:

    All I can say is…

    OH MY GOD.



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