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Published on January 16th, 2012 | by Dan


Mass Effect 3 Origin Exclusive, Not Coming to Steam


From the “unsurprising, but annoying news” department comes this tidbit from Bioware. Chris Priestly, Bioware community manager has confirmed that Mass Effect 3 will only be available on Origin and require the service for a one-time activation. This activation includes all physical copies of Mass Effect 3.

He then gave the same routine that EA has given from day one since Battlefield 3 was made an Origin exclusive: “Steam has adopted a set of restrictive terms of service which limit how developers interact with customers to deliver patches and other downloadable content.” This is a tired line now, and I’m not even sure why they are spinning it. EA is trying to grow Origin to compete with Steam, and EA clearly thinks the best way to accomplish that goal is to make Origin the exclusive platform for its marquis games: Battlefield 3Star Wars: The Old Republic, and now Mass Effect 3.

There appears to be no end in sight for the Steam vs. Origin digital distribution war, and the jury is still out on what that means in the long run. However, one thing has become clear: If you’re a fan of EA games, you might as well settle in and get used to Origin because it’s here to stay.


Image courtesy Bioware

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25 Responses to Mass Effect 3 Origin Exclusive, Not Coming to Steam

  1. GamerByt3 says:

    I’ve already pre-ordered the physical version of this game. I’ll install it go thru origon’s bull shit, then add it to steam. If it requires Origion to be open, i’ll torrent a crack and get rid of that. I HATE being forced to use something I don’t want to use. Origon is a crappy version of steam with none of the selection and my friends list on Steam has been populated over the last dozen years. Why would I want to go thru that again with a new system. I won’t. I’ll play the game but i’m not going to deal with much more of EA’s bullshit.

  2. genesis35 says:

    i wouldnt mind origin so much if EA just said “look, we are a company and profit is the bottom line, by going with origin we make more profit. and we are going to be bitches about it for the most part. in return we will MAKE THE GAMES BETTER” but EA isn’t going to make better games to not going to happen

  3. Akaitenshi says:

    You will still be seeing me play this on steam though..

  4. krunch says:

    If you guys really refuse to play one of the best games of 2012 because of this, open your eyes. I will launch 5 DRM’s, download it at 0.5 KB/s, and jump through 100 pointless hoops if it means i will get to play this game. I’ve never been more hyped for a game ever, and to hear all you guys saying you wont be playing this work of art simply because EA isnt going to succumb to Valve’s unfair restrictions, its heartbreaking. No company deserves your money more than the guys at Bioware.

    • Player One says:

      Tbh I just like jumping on bandwagons and complaining about shit. I haven’t really used Origin except for the BF beta so can’t comment on how good or bad it may be. As for ME3 I still haven’t played the first 2 games yet. Mass Effect isn’t that high on my priority list, neither is anything they have released as Origin exclusive so far. When they do I’ll be forced to start using it. Just like we all were with Steam, which everyone hated when it first came out. I’ve got no problem with Origin if they keep pushing it, adding new features, rival Steam on the sales front etc. But as it stands now Origin is pretty much Steam circa 2004. It does have potential just as GFWL did (note I said DID).

    • RoryGreen says:

      The silly thing is that you actually believe EA, when they tell you that Valve imposes harsh restrictions on games on their platform. It’s utter nonsense, an excuse to pull out. I certainly won’t be buying the game on Origin as I’d rather EA lose money for providing an appalling service and forcing us to use it. If enough people do the same, they will eventually change their minds. I think I’ll buy it on the consololol because I’d play it with a controller anyway (seriously, it’s far better with a controller) and apart from anything else, the PC version will just be a straight console port.

      • DamnedNiggar says:

        implying you can believe anyone (ie valve).
        implying they will change their minds.
        implying you cant plug a controller on your PC.
        implying ME2 isn’t a console port.

        • RoryGreen says:

          You quite clearly have the mental capacity of a chipmunk. If that is what you inferred from my comment, there is something wrong with you. In no way did I imply any of those things. You ought to learn to read before making statements which simply flout your lack of intellect. If you actually looked over Valves terms then you’d realise that they are not at all binding other than Valve receiving a small portion of each sale. You should research what you are talking about before claiming I am incorrect. Secondly, I hope they will change their minds, I’m not saying they will. I will not buy any products on Origin for the foreseeable future if the service continues to be poor. To address your third point, I do not own a wired controller for the PC and I have no intention of purchasing one or a wireless adapter. Finally, Mass Effect 2 was a console port. It was a good one but the PC version offered very little over the consoles.

          In response to Player One: I do not have the intention of hurting EA. Some of their games are very well made and the fact that they created a PC content provider demonstrates that they care about (and see a future in) PC gaming. My point is that where I buy the games is a decision which I, as the consumer, have the right to make. My refusal to purchase games via Origin will not financially damage EA, however, if many people follow the same path as I have (and I assure you, many of my acquaintances are), then maybe EA will begin to notice that maybe making games available solely from Origin is a bad idea. It’s not the idea of competition with Steam that I have a problem with, it’s their removal of the choice. I will be perfectly willing to purchase all of their games over Origin if they make it worth my while. To me, the Origin system seems irritating and binding. If EA worked to make it better, maybe even better than Steam, then I would be more than happy to use it.

          • Player One says:

            That’s pretty much where I stand with it. I can’t really complain about Origin as I haven’t really used it but going by what the majority say it is quite shit at the moment. But I’ve mentioned in the past I’m willing to give them benefit of the doubt. It’s never going to be perfect but then again neither is Steam, there’s a few things that bug me about Steam, their browser being top of the list. Competition is good for the market anyway and Steam doesn’t really have a rival, sure we have the likes of Impulse, Desura, GFWL, and a few other digital download outlets. I would like to see someone give them a run for their money. That would be best for all of us as they sit there and try to out do each other.

          • krunch says:

            Okay mr know it all, I wasn’t informed that you had secret intel telling you that EA is lying and is only interested in selfish greed rather than good business. Don’t act like you know any more than the rest of us.

            And one more thing, if you honestly think ANY shooter is better with a controller than a keyboard and mouse, please get the hell off this website, and heed its name’s instructions

      • Player One says:

        The fact that it’s EA not enough people will boycott Origin due to the fact it is one of the biggest publishers in gaming today and considering its back catalogue of games they are gonna stick around. Also buying it on console instead of pc isn’t exactly the greatest boycott either as you are still funding EA probably a little bit more than you would buying it on PC. Like I said in my last comment what they are doing is no worse than Valve did back when it started and if you remember Steam used to be terrible back then, but they worked on it until people grew to accept and actually like their system. It’s the exact same principle just because one company is preferred over another doesn’t make it any less right or wrong depending how you look at it. If they keep working on it, it could end up rivalling Steam if not it will just end up another GFWL.

  5. Smullman says:

    -1 sale right here

  6. Ofenlicht says:

    I hate Origin! That is probably because humans don’t like change. I am lazy and Steam is the best thing I ever had. Also I hate being made to download/use a program to play a game.
    EA lets me down too often.
    Poor Bioware ,poor DICE!

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  8. Disconsented says:

    Looks like its piracy time!

    • Player One says:

      Would it be piracy if you torrented the game to avoid Origin but sent Bioware the retail value of the game. It wouldn’t be “stealing” then.

  9. FamedKarma says:

    If this continues, EA will never sell me another game.

  10. diwas13 says:

    Its ok bro’s Origin thinks its another Steam.

  11. Jonathan Beck hexidecimal says:

    That officially takes ME3 off my PC looking forward list. Shame, it is the superior platform… Now I’m relegated to the PS3 version…

  12. Dendro says:

    If I played through ME1 and ME2 on Steam does this mean my games won’t transfer to ME3 on Origin?

    • krunch says:

      your save files default to your “My Documents” so you’ll still be able to access them easily

  13. MrLukeHolder says:

    Fuck EA. You even need Origin to play the game off of a disk.

  14. DamnedNiggar says:

    good good let the butthurt flow, also this was not in the least bit unexpected. And I don’t mind 2 background programs that take like 150mb out of my 16gb RAM and in return I get, a bit cheaper games.

  15. Ofenlicht says:

    Looks like I am not going to play Mass Effect 3.



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