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Published on January 9th, 2012 | by Dan


New Tribes: Ascend Trailer Highlights Skill

Tribes: Ascend is one of a great crop of free-to-play FPS games coming out this year. It is joining a crowded space with MMOs Firefall and Planetside 2 and fellow Unreal based game Blacklight: Retribution. KBMOD has high hopes for all of them.

Tribes: Ascend has been a great beta process thus far, updating frequently and paying attention to player feedback. This new trailer highlights the things that can be so great in this game.  From skiing at a million miles an hour to an expert flag cap, no game is more satisfying when you hit a shot than Tribes: Ascend. Destroying someone mid-air for a blue plate special or hunting down a flag carrier is some intense work.

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