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Published on February 16th, 2012 | by Dan


Counter-Strike Creator Developing New Free-to-play Shooter

Hot on the heels of a large Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta patch, there is news of a former Valve developer working on his own FPS game.

One of the original Counter-Strike developers, Minh Le (a.k.a. Gooseman), is working on a free-to-play FPS called Tactical Intervention. The game has been in development for some time now and bears some resemblance to its CS origins. The counter-terrorists in the trailer above, for example, will look pretty familiar to anyone who has played CS before. The trailer also shows two interesting sequences: a shot of firefight, where a CT is firing his gun over a barrier while taking cover, and a driving scene, which possibly indicates that there could be a real single-player component (which would certainly be a departure from the games CS roots).

Tactical Intervention is being published in the US by OGPlanet and is scheduled to go into closed beta in March. You can sign up for the beta on the Tactical Intervention website.

Counter-Strike fans have always been a passionate bunch. Given the developer cred behind it, do you think Tactical Intervention has a chance to be great? Let us know in the comments!

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9 Responses to Counter-Strike Creator Developing New Free-to-play Shooter

  1. Downey says:

    Does this mean the game will only be in the US or will we see it in Europe too?

  2. beardedvillain says:

    Unlike many others I enjoyed the campaign in condition zero. I believe every game should have a single-player even if it is short, getting to know the back story of a game makes me enjoy the multiplayer much more..

  3. TrippingBowser says:

    Oh man this world needs more games like counter strike I can’t wait to try this out.

  4. sprattde says:

    Wow, this game really has been a work in progress for awhile now.I remember looking up Counter strike on my iPhone like maybe a year and a half ago, and there was this app called tactical intervention with gameplay and stuff on it.

  5. DrewBerrang says:

    Interesting that its going to free to play, and possibly have a single player component. The only way I can think of them making money off the single player part is to sell missions or something, because in a multiplayer f2p micro transactions work alongside an EXP system which is how companies make money off the product. While I don’t think many people would buy a singleplayer in a f2p.

  6. inox says:

    Beta Signup’s only for North Americans :(

  7. Akaitenshi says:

    there’s too many games coming out XD

  8. Veetaak says:

    f2p games are always so charming in their looks
    good news :)

  9. MrAcorn says:

    wow this should be something else to look forward too :p I’m already looking forward to blacklight and csgo really badly!



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