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Published on March 21st, 2012 | by Dan


Blacklight: Retribution Patched, New Hero Class Added

Blacklight: Retribution has already seen a couple of patches since moving into open beta, and it got another one today, as the game closes in on its April 4 release date. This latest patch introduces a new hero class, a robot named M.A.R.S. I haven’t been able to log in since the patch went live, so I can’t tell you his exact setup, but judging by the trailer video above, he looks a bit goofy.

Besides the introduction of M.A.R.S., this update includes numerous bug fixes. Quick Match should work once again, and several menu options have been cleaned up and streamlined. One very welcome change is the addition of a “-SAFEMODE” launch command line to troubleshoot the crashing issues many people have experienced when launching the game. As far as gameplay adjustments go, respawn time in Deathmatch has been cut in half (5 seconds, down from 10), and winning scores were reduced in Domination (750 to win, down from 1000), Team Deathmatch (75 to win, down from 100), and Deathmatch (3000 to win, down from 4000). All of this should all help increase the pace of an already fast-paced game.

You can read the full patch notes over on the Blacklight forum.

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6 Responses to Blacklight: Retribution Patched, New Hero Class Added

  1. jackkspro says:

    They mentioned a few times about setting up private servers after launch so that might help…they tweet about everything though so who knows…it would be nice. Way up here in Canadaland even the US east servers are 70-80 ping which isn’t terrible but not ideal.

  2. AnToN_CheZ says:

    Yeah, 250 ping is crippling in this game. I love it but the awful truth is that the ping + the still weird hit detection makes it almost impossible to compete with confidence. I was doing OK pre patch but something has affected me immensely post patch as I am having horrible game after horrible game. I hope its sorted

  3. Tazzie02 says:

    That’s great and all, but how about they get Australian servers so we can play and have less than 250 ping? kthx

  4. CharlieTango says:

    I would nut myself if they open a new server in the middle of the country. Pinging 90 to the East coast and 120 to the West coast. Not cool for a FPS. Brandon needs to sweet talk Jared into getting some hosting in Dallas.

  5. RossGeddes says:

    Pay 2 Win.

    • jackkspro says:

      nawww…paying for things puts you at a little bit of an advantage but it’s nothing you can’t simply unlock by playing a lot or using a hero. And if you really like the game…why not pay? plus you can earn zen by doing survey’s or just clicking links.



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