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Published on March 22nd, 2012 | by Brandon


Nvidia Puts the Hurt on AMD with Launch of Flagship GeForce GTX 680

A few months back, AMD launched its flagship Radeon 7970 card, which easily claimed the performance crown among single-GPU video cards at the time. However, we all knew that Nvidia was hard at work preparing its next-generation lineup, which was rumored to trounce the competition. Well, today marks the launch of Nvidia’s flagship GeForce GTX 680, and the rumors have been put to bed and replaced with facts.

First, let’s run down the specs of the GTX 680:

  • 1536 stream processors
  • 128 texture units
  • 1006MHz core clock (1058MHz boost clock)
  • 2GB GDDR5 memory buffer
  • 6GHz memory clock
  • MSRP: $499

The “boost clock” listed above refers to a new feature from Nvidia that increases the card’s clock speed when thermal headroom allows for it (similar to turbo mode on CPUs). Another welcome feature is the inclusion of four display outputs–two DVI, one HDMI, and one DisplayPort–giving gamers the ability to run up to four displays off of a single card.

So what’s the verdict on the GTX 680? The consensus seems to be clear, and Tom’s Hardware sums it up nicely: “Given our benchmark data, power results, a distinguished list of features, and a competitive price tag, the GeForce GTX 680 is easily a better gaming card than Radeon HD 7970.” For a comprehensive rundown and comparison benchmarks, we also recommend you check out the GTX 680 reviews from AnandTech ,Maximum PC, as well as the video reviews at the bottom of this post.

So there you have it: the GTX 680 is the new single-GPU performance king, and it’s cool and power-friendly to boot (something that Nvidia cards have struggled with in recent generations). Personally, I’m looking forward to AMD’s response; some Radeon 7970s are currently going for close to $600, and I would expect to see those prices drop considerably over the coming weeks.

So what do you think of the GTX 680? Should AMD be panicking right now?


Images courtesy of AnandTech and Nvidia, respectively

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16 Responses to Nvidia Puts the Hurt on AMD with Launch of Flagship GeForce GTX 680

  1. diwas13 says:

    Its been confirmed, you can get mad PUSSY if you have such a beast card.

  2. Pheozero says:

    So do I wait for the inevitable Superclocked 680 or buy now and increase e-peen size exponentially?

  3. RoryGreen says:

    I get the impression that this is not the best that nvidia can achieve. It seems that they are holding something back. This doesn’t seem like a flagship release, the die size is pretty small and it has a really low power consumption. I know that is a good thing but it doesn’t strike me as top of the line from nvidia. They are normally hugely power guzzling and burn your house down if you aren’t careful. I know part of the reason is the new 28nm process which makes it more efficient and whatnot. I’m not really sure what i’m getting at, I guess I’m just saying that I expected more. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a new card later in the year. I think nvidia have taken the opportunity to release a card which isn’t necessarily their best due to the relatively disappointing AMD cards, they can get away with putting out a less good one and when AMD try to respond with an updated card of their own, I think nvidia will throw out a monster card in response. Ramble end.

  4. Shiiike says:

    Damm i want it :p but it not really fits in my €800 build that i wanna build in 3 months but good to know the prices are gonna drop on the older ones :)

  5. Y2Ken says:

    Seriously considering getting this for the build I’m about to do, not sure whether I should wait and see what sort of value the 670 is going to offer. Price is more than I really want to spend but I could be convinced – would it be brought down in performance much by any other parts of a build or is it still going to shine above comparable models regardless of my other components?

  6. GamerByt3 says:

    How long before we see a price drop in the 560 ti’s ? I already have one, thinking a few days from now will be a good time to get a second for SLI.

  7. PinkStahli says:

    No. Amd should not worry. When you win a race, it doesn’t matter by how much, an inch, or a mile, you still won. Nvidia won, and amd makes a beast of a card. Even though I ordered my own 680, I can’t make fun of you for a 7950 or 7970. They are good.

  8. Ofenlicht says:

    Does it make sense to SLI this card with my 580?

  9. Majordeathzone says:

    Iam thinking that ill be ordering in 2 of these ASAP . This just shows the pushing fight between amd and nvidia are for the good of the consumer



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