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Published on April 5th, 2012 | by Dan


Blacklight: Retribution Launch Brings Sweeping Changes

Blacklight: Retribution graduated from open beta and officially went into full release state on Tuesday night, with servers coming up late that evening. The launch patch contains a host of significant changes compared to open beta.

Most of the game’s weapons were re-balanced (with some receiving significant changes), and weapon spread was reduced by thirty percent across the board. Additionally, improved hit detection and new lag compensation changes should relieve some player frustration, especially among those with higher pings.

Balance is the theme of the patch, and Executive Producer Andy Kipling wrote a forum post on the design philosophy behind character loadouts. The developers are striving to avoid one item or one setup being considered the “best” (a complaint that has been levied against the Call of Duty series time and again). As Kipling puts it, “If each category of customization had a clear winner, or obvious “best” part, then the entire purpose of customization goes out the window and the balance of the weapons and items is gone.” Addressing this concern can be challenging in any game, let alone one with the amount of customization found in BL:R.

While we here at KBMOD have yet to play much since this patch was released, some have already been expressing concern on the Blacklight forums. Have you had a chance to play Blacklight since its full release? How does the game feel after all of these changes? Check out the full patch notes and give us your take in the comments!

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11 Responses to Blacklight: Retribution Launch Brings Sweeping Changes

  1. I want my Australia servers :'(

  2. Clit Commander says:

    I don’t have a problem with the balance changes, per se, but more of a problem with the fact that it’s next to impossible to get into any “pre-level 10” servers that aren’t DM.

    I like TDM, and if the single TDM Proving Ground server that I’ve found is full, I join another one and get my ass handed to me by guys who are level 20+. It would be a lot nicer if the kiddie pool wasn’t the size of a teacup.

  3. gregrthenson says:

    The main issue with the patch is that the balance to weapons AND the hit registry were both set forth in this patch. Looking over the balances it seems that they were built on the idea of the way the hit registry USED TO BE… so basically the balance was to make it easier to kill… and the new hit registry was to make it easier to kill… So instead of being a 1x improvement its now a 2x improvement that truly throws a lot of things off… one of the reoccurring topics was how it was so easy to die already… now its just that much easier it seems.

    • Lanxie says:

      its become mw2 easy to die i dont like it as much anymore the time it takes for someone to kill you seems much less

    • Aggh says:

      This. The real problem is that they’ve buffed the spread just a little too much on most guns and buffed the ADS spread by a TON. The obnoxiously better ADS accuracy makes the game easier, but also much slower since it encourages more camping and fighting at range.

      The speed build on armor has taken a significant hit in speed too for some reason. There’s very little reason to go under 168 health, and most are going for 200+ health builds.

  4. Teh_Hicks says:

    Yeah I liked how (before) it was a challenge to do well (still could hold my own) but I +1 what jackkspro said. Didn’t notice too much of a change in the lag, though.

    • Teh_Hicks says:

      Yeah I liked how (before) it was a challenge to do well (still could hold my own) but I +1 what jackkspro said. Didn’t notice too much of a change in the lag; never had a problem with that.

      • Aggh says:

        The damage to health ratio has barely changed. The reason people are dying so much faster is because of the improved hit registry lol.

  5. Lanxie says:

    Kills feel much easier i must say . . Lag is better but game doesnt feel as challenging anymore

  6. jackkspro says:

    Played for about 5 hours last night. To me the game feels more “cod” like in that it’s point and shoot. My favorite part about blacklight was that whenever I was killed….i deserved it. I turned a corner too quick or stayed in a firefight too long. Now it’s basically point and shoot. By the time recoil kicks in your enemy is already dead.

  7. Lightspeed says:

    The lag is a little better but still a long way to go. The weapons do feel improved but I think spraying is a little too reliable now.



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