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Published on April 12th, 2012 | by Brandon


Tribes: Ascend Officially Launches with New Gametype and Classic Map Remake

After a big showing at PAX East, Hi-Rez Studios officially launched Tribes: Ascend today. Though the game has been playable for months now, it’s finally shedding the beta tag and graduating to version 1.0. While this launch essentially amounts to just another patch day for current players, it signifies that Hi-Rez considers the overall game to be stable enough for mass public consumption (I doubt we’ll see another complete overhaul, for example).

The bigger news for many players will be the significant updates accompanying the launch:

  • A remake of the classic Tribes map Raindance (pictured above). With a rainy environment among large grassy hills, the map is very faithful to the original and sure to be a hit with the competitive scene.
  • A new gametype called Capture and Hold, where opposing teams compete in a domination-like setting to control three capture points
  • A server browser for custom dedicated servers! While you can only access a number of official servers right now, Hi-Rez says community servers should be available for rent in a few weeks.
  • Many new social functions, including the ability to view a list of your followers and message other players in-game
  • A variety of other fixes and balance changes, which you can find in the full patch notes.

Having played Tribes: Ascend since the first day of closed beta, it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the game. If you haven’t tried it already, it’s free to play, so…what are you waiting for?

Also, to celebrate the official launch of Tribes: Ascend, stay tuned to the site tomorrow for an in-game item giveaway!

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2 Responses to Tribes: Ascend Officially Launches with New Gametype and Classic Map Remake

  1. Lavenous_Bob says:

    Item Giveaway you say? Sounds sweet.

  2. TagsWithScope says:

    Where are the muffler cars dammit?



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